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How to Create Shortcut for Hotspot Tethering

Written by Hassan Abbas

Create a Shortcut for Hotspot Tethering: If you are the one who travels a lot, then there are chances that you use your Android hotspot extensively. Certainly, it is cumbersome to navigate your system menu to reach the Mobile tethering option.

So, we’ve created this easy and simple guide that helps you to create a direct shortcut for activating the Hotspot right from your home screen. Come let’s begin.

How to get a shortcut for mobile tethering on your home screen

This isn’t the most perfect and efficient way to do it but it cuts down on a some steps. Follow the steps carefully to get a shortcut for mobile tethering on your home screen:

Step 1:

Simply download and install the Activity Launcher app from the Play Store. Once done, open the app by clicking on its icon.

Note: We suggest activity launcher than other core search apps on Android due to it’s Ad-free, does not need unwanted additional permissions and is very lightweight.

Step 2:

Also, Click on the ‘Search Icon’ in the top right corner.

Step 3:

Now look for ‘Hotspot’ and wait for the results to display up.

Step 4:

Click & Hold ‘’.

Step 5:

Now choose ‘Create Shortcut’ when the sub-menu displays up.

Your shortcut will now be created on your Android home screen.

Note: Also, you will have to allow Activity Launcher the permission to create shortcuts on your Android home screen.


Here’s all about “Create Shortcut for Hotspot Tethering”. Now you have a direct Mobile Hotspot Launcher on your home screen. What are your views about our guide? Did we miss out on anything? Hopefully, you’ll find our article helpful. Let us know your thoughts, suggestions, and opinion in the comments section below.

Till then! Keep Smiling 🙂

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