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How To Create Folders In Photos On iOS Devices

Create Folders In Photos On iOS Devices
Written by Hassan Abbas

Do you want to create folders in photos on iOS devices? Some of us have many images and also videos on our devices. So keeping those manageable can help us to find and share what we want faster. One method to organize or manage items in Photos is to create albums. However, you can do this on the iPad, iPhone, and Mac. But what else if your albums complete getting out of control too?

It’s where folders come in. To differentiate between folders and albums in Photos is that albums contain your images while folders contain your albums. It’s just a type of hierarchy structure if you will.

If you help to organize your images and albums further, we’ll display you how to create folders in Photos on iOS devices.

Create a folder on the iPhone and iPad

Head over to the Photos app on your iPhone or iPad and follow these instructions to create a folder.

Step 1:

Choose the Albums tab at the bottom.

Step 2:

Click Edit located on the top right.

Step 3:

Click the plus sign located on the top left and choose New Folder.

Step 4:

Assign your folder a name and click Save.

Step 5:

You’ll then view your new folder appear on your My Albums screen. Click Done.

As you’ll then view using the steps for Mac below. However, moving albums into folders is quite easier on macOS than iOS. Unfortunately, you just can’t drag albums into folders on iOS.

To save albums in a folder on an iPad or iPhone, you’ll then want to create an album inside the folder.

Step 1:

Choose the folder and click Edit at the top.

Step 2:

Click the plus sign and select New Album.

Step 3:

Assign your album a name and then mandatory add photos to it right away. Alternatively, you can click Done and add images and videos to it later.

Unfortunately, Apple also updates the Photos app on iOS to make creating albums to folders quite easy as it is on Mac just by dragging them.

Create a folder on Mac

Head over to the Photos app on your Mac and then do the following to create a folder.

Step 1:

Tap File > New Folder from the menu bar or right-tap My Albums in the sidebar and select New Folder.

Step 2:

Assign your folder a name and press Return.

It’s quite as easy as that! you have a new folder waiting for some albums. Simply drag albums into the folder you created.

An alternative way to create a folder is to use the albums you need to put in it.

Step 1:

Choose an album in the sidebar.

Step 2:

Hit and hold the Option key whenever you drag that album onto another album.

Step 3:

Now release the new folder will automatically be created having those two albums.

Step 4:

Tap the folder name which by default is Untitled Folder. Assign it a new name and press Return.

You can then just drag other albums into that folder if you want to.


Here’s all about “Create Folders In Photos On iOS Devices”.Albums are great for holding required images and videos while folders are ideal for holding required albums. So if you want to get a handle on your items in the Photos app and manage them better, simply try to create some folders.

What are your views and thoughts on the Photos folder feature? Are you going to use it on iOS or Mac to manage your albums? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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