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How to Connect Mobile devices to Wi-Fi Using QR Codes

QR Code
Written by Hassan Abbas

There are many occasions in which we have guests at home who ask us for the password of our WiFi network. Raised this question you can encourage them to look directly at the back of the router if you have not modified the pre-established key, or in some paper in which we have written down and possibly take to find. To facilitate this task, we bring you a trick with which to provide our acquaintances access to our Internet connection without having to enter complicated characters.

QR Code

Some layers of Android from different manufacturers, such as MIUI in Xiaomi or Huawei EMUI, already incorporate an automatic function through which we can obtain a QR code that provides access to our Wi-Fi network. In this way, the person who wants to connect to our router only has to focus these two-dimensional bars with the camera of their device.

Price: Free

To get the code we have to go into Settings> Wireless and networks> Wi-Fi. Then you just have to press a couple of seconds on the network to which we are connected, and we want to share access so that the associated QR is shown.

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My version of Android does not generate the QR

If our version of Android does not have this option to generate a QR code following our Wi-Fi network, we can always use external tools to establish one manually.

There are portals such as QiFi that will allow you to generate a QR code in a few seconds with just entering some data from our networks such as the SSID, the type of password and the password. Once created, we will have the possibility to save it in the gallery of our terminal or share it with our acquaintances.

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