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How To Change Facetime Caller ID

How To Change Facetime Caller ID
Written by Hassan Abbas

Change Facetime Caller ID: Whenever you make a FaceTime call on an iPhone or iPad the person you are calling will view your caller ID. However, the ID could be your phone number or an email address associated with your device. But if it’s one that they don’t save as contact they don’t know it’s you. Also, notice your caller ID is correct for that reason, otherwise, someone can’t answer your FaceTime calls. So, what if you want to modify your FaceTime caller ID on iPhone or iPad? It turns out that’s quite easy, as we’ll display you.

Be default it’s just like that your FaceTime caller ID is your email address. That’s good if everyone you’re calling having email address save in their Contacts app. But maybe they are more likely to have your phone number saved instead, and that’s the reason it might be a quite better choice here.

Hopefully changing your FaceTime caller ID is quite easy. However, you just make a simple selection in the Settings app.

How to Change FaceTime caller ID on iPhone & iPad

Well, it’ll change what your outbound FaceTime caller ID is. However, you can select phone numbers or email addresses associated with your Apple ID and FaceTime:

Step 1:

Firstly, to start just open Settings on your iPhone or iPad and click “FaceTime.”

Step 2:

Also, click the caller ID that you want to use.

Step 3:

However, if you like to use an email address and don’t view it. Just click “Use your Apple ID for FaceTime” and any associated with that account will appear. You can then choose it as normal.

You can now quit the Settings app and go about making FaceTime calls.

This is specifically helpful to modify if you had set up FaceTime with another email address. However, you can also use a different one primarily now. Also, if you like to switch from a phone number or email address as the FaceTime caller ID.

If the FaceTiming person has your phone and email information save in their contact info for you. Changing this FaceTime caller ID can’t make any difference for them. But it could also for others especially if they don’t have your email addresses or phone numbers stored.

You can also add new email addresses to FaceTime if you want to. Make sure don’t forget you can also use your iPad to make and receive telephone calls if it’s something you need to do.

FaceTime is great at handling audio calls too for those times when your carrier can’t stop dropping calls. Or else when you’re in a low coverage area. Also, if you just want to use a VOIP call for some other reason.

Speaking of FaceTime is an amazing feature of FaceTime. It gives you the ability to make group video calls with up to 32 participants. But if you normally use another solution, why not give FaceTime a try with group chat instead?


Have you ever use FaceTime for video chat and audio chat? Do you have your Apple ID as your default caller ID on FaceTime, a phone number, or something else? If you have any tips, tricks, or suggestions with FaceTime and caller ID, share with us in the comments as always!

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