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How to Change Chrome Firefox Download Folder

Change Chrome & Firefox Download Folder
Written by Hassan Abbas

In this guide, we discuss how you modify where downloaded files go in Safari on your Mac. Or else Change Chrome Firefox Download Folder. But what happened if you use the other browsers? Here we’ll run you through how to instantly modify or change the file download folder for Firefox and Chrome.

Change the Firefox downloads folder

If Firefox is your browser of choice or also if you only use it for some things, here’s how to modify where files are downloaded

Step 1:

Initially, open your Firefox Preferences by either tapping Firefox > Preferences from the menu bar or using the Open Menu button in the toolbar and choosing Preferences.

Step 2:

Select General on the left.

Step 3:

Now move down to the Files and Applications section. Tap the Choose button next to Save files to, browse for your folder, and tap Open.

Optionally, you can also have Firefox ask you where you like to save the files rather than choosing that button. Below there, you can view how Firefox handles some types of files and make modifies to those as well.

Change the Chrome downloads folder

Modifying the file download folder on Chrome is very easy as it is for Firefox.

Step 1:

Open your Chrome settings by either clicking Chrome > Preferences from the menu bar or using the Menu button in the toolbar and selecting Settings.

Step 2:

Now move to the bottom and tap Advanced or select Advanced on the left to expand it and select Downloads.

Step 3:

In the Downloads section, tap the Change button under Location. From here browse for your folder, and tap Select.

Instead, you can have Chrome ask you where you like to save the files every time by allowing that toggle.


Here’s all about “Change Chrome & Firefox Download Folder”. The Downloads folder on your Mac is definitely the best place to store files from the web. But you can’t stick using it. However, modifying your download location or having Firefox or Chrome ask where you like to save your files are other choices to consider.

What are your thoughts, suggestions on files you download? Do you allow them all to move to the Downloads folder, another folder, or do you prefer to be asked?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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