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How to Block Zoombombers from Your Important Sessions

Written by Hassan Abbas

Tired of zoombombers? Want to kick out and block zoombombers? Yes! It is a prominent issue these days. Since the quarantine period is on its go, people are sitting in their homes and doing their work online as much as possible. We are in an attempt to do our work in the safe environment of our homes. Thus we are making online designs as much as possible.

I will give a special reference to the meetings, conferences, and online classes that authorities are conducting. These conferences are quite organized and well planned. It may be an official staff on the call or a teacher may be taking an online class. Whatever the status of confidentiality may be, one may not like an unknown person to jump in your ongoing call and mess up with it. It is just obvious in this state that you will not help yourself but scold that unknown person. If you want to learn more about how it is affecting our society. Read

It is a quite an irritating moment and everyone wants to avoid it. So why not just block the zoombombers and just allow the authorized people to join your conference.

How to block zoombombers

The zoombombing is in use because it starts from when most classes were taking place over the Zoom app. Since then it is spreading all over other platforms and is not seizing. Therefore, the developers have come up with the idea of providing such features that are helpful in managing such issues. For instance, Zoom allowed its users to use any of these features as:

  • Block users
  • Lock meetings
  • Kick users
  • Protect password

However, it is not enough. Therefore, Google is in for making more of the progress. Since this problem is majorly happening in the educational conferences. Google is providing the educational authorities with a G-Suite Enterprise. It simply means that now only authorized people are allowed in. Hence helping you in avoiding the zoombombing.

Block zoombombers

No need to block zoombombers

Yes! You need nothing to do in this regard. Because a G-Suite is for a particular organization and only an authorized person can get in. To get into a Google meet conference, one must get a log in his Google account. And not only this, but he requires to log in to the same Google account which his authority has provided him.

This simply means that if you want to kick out unauthorized people from making trouble while your staff is providing lectures, you just need a G-Suite Enterprise and that is it. No Zoombombing. And no interference. Then no hustle-bustle and no need to kick out someone from the conference. Just a flowing lecture on the go.

How to get this Feature?

Google is providing this feature to the users of Googe Meet from 13th July 2020. Google has been testing this feature for around 15 days to check for bugs and issues in the features. However, this feature is now out for all the users from 18th July 2020.


Since this feature is out for the users of Google Meet, you can easily utilize this feature from your Google accounts and enjoy zoombombing-free conferences with your staff and acquaintances.

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