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How to Become an iMessage Master in iCloud

iMessage in iCloud
Written by Hassan Abbas

After months of postponements, Apple managed to fulfill its promise in extremis and bring the Messages in iCloud with the updates of iOS 11.4 and macOS High Sierra 10.13.5. Do not underestimate this change: all lists of iMessage conversations of each device are joined and can be stored in the cloud, freeing local storage space.

However, we cannot activate this function lightly and wait for everything to work just as you expect. Next, we will review everything that must be taken into account so that Messages in iCloud work correctly and we do not get upset just when we expect it.

iMessage in iCloud

iMessage in iCloud

Eight Points to Keep in Mind:

  1. First of all, logically, you have to check if we have enough free space in iCloud. The messages do not usually take up too much space, but if our cloud is completely full there will be no synchronization no matter how much you activate it.
  2. It is not recommended to activate Messages in iCloud on only some of your devices unless you are completely sure of what you do. It is best to leave it activated or deactivated everywhere, as this way you will know that you have a single list of conversations in the cloud or local lists in each of your terminals.
  3. To start and organize everything, it is best to activate Messages in iCloud everywhere. Once all the conversations have been merged and saved in the cloud we can clean and organize everything from a device. Everything you do will be reflected in the rest of the devices and you will save a lot of work.

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  4. Very important: like anything else you delete in the cloud when you delete a message or a conversation in iCloud Messages, it will be deleted in the rest of the devices. You do not have several lists of conversations, you have a universal list that is synchronized everywhere.
  5. If you are worried that the messages may occupy more and more space as time goes by and you do not want to entertain yourself by manually deleting the conversations, remember that in iOS you can determine from Settings> Messages> Keep messages an expiration time from which the oldest messages will be eliminated.

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  6. The audio messages take up much more space than text messages, but since Settings> Messages can also determine that they are auto-deleted after certain minutes.
  7. By default, images and videos in Messages are sent to original quality. Once again: that’s great for sharing content between contacts but you can sacrifice a lot of space in iCloud. You can activate the option to send them at low quality present in Settings> Messages to save some megabytes.
  8. Finally, if you do not activate any type of expiration in the messages, remember to clean regularly. If not, sooner or later the messages will end up taking up too much space for that cleaning to be selective

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