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How to Add Website to iPhone Home Screen

Add Website to iPhone Home Screen
Written by Hassan Abbas

Add Website to iPhone Home Screen: Do you like to put a website directly on your iPhone or iPad home screen for quite easy and quick access? If you have a website you visit often then you may want to add that website to the Home Screen of your iPhone or iPad. However, this places an icon for the picked website on your device’s home screen that can then be clicked on like any other app icon. However, when you click on it opens that chosen webpage in Safari on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Adding a website to the home screen of iOS and iPadOS can be done with any website. Whether you bookmark the site or not. This process is quite simple with the latest versions of iOS and ipadOS system software. So in this article read on to learn how to add a website to the Home Screen of iPhone or iPad.

How to Add Websites to Home Screen of iPhone & iPad

Add Website to iPhone Home Screen

Here’s how you can add any website to the Home Screen of iPhone or iPad for instant access:

Step 1:

Firstly, Open Safari on the iPhone or iPad.

Step 2:

Then navigate to the website you like to add to the home screen. Either by navigating to it directly or via a bookmark

Step 3:

Click on the Share icon, it seems like a box with an arrow coming out of the top.

Step 4:

Now scroll through the list of sharing choices and select “Add to Home Screen”.

Step 5:

Provide the home screen icon a name (like “”) and click “Add”.

Step 6:

Now move back to the Home Screen of iPhone or iPad to find the latest created website available as an icon.

You can also move the added home screen website icon to anywhere you like, including to the Dock. However moving these website links on the home screen is quite similar to reordering and moving app icons on the Home Screen of iPhone and iPad, as is removing and removing them.

This offers an easy way to instantly access websites right from the home screen of an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

After adding a website home screen icon. Clicking on it acts like any other app except that it introduces Safari and goes immediately to the website you select to add.

These home screen shortcuts to websites quite differ from general bookmarks. However, they also differ from Safari Favorites list collection of bookmarks too. In fact, you don’t like to bookmark a site to add it to the devices home screen at all. Also, if you’re looking at a site frequently then it would be the best idea to bookmark it.

For better results with most websites, you’ll like to select the home page or root domain of the website besides a particular article or section. For example, rather than adding this specific article to your device home screen, you’d like to add the root domain of “” so that when you click the Home Screen icon the site launches to the home page.

You can also add as many websites to the Home Screen of iOS and iPadOS as you like. However, if you have a handful of favorite sites you visit to add them all to your devices’ home screen for easy access.


Here’s all about “Add Website Home Screen iPhone”. Do you really want to add a website Home screen iPhone? If yes, let us know your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section below!

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