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How to activate Snapseed’s new Dark Theme on Android

Snapseed's Dark Theme
Written by Hassan Abbas

Since Google completely redesigned Snapseed in September of last year the powerful photo editor has not received any news. It has been nine months without receiving any updates, until this week.

Snapseed has begun to update its application step by step to the new version 2.19 to add an important novelty: the dark theme. It is a feature that was very requested by many users after the new clear interface.

Snapseed's Dark Theme

Dark Snapseed

Dark theme

If you are one of the users that did not like the new interface was so clear, with its tools in white under a light gray work area now you can turn it dark.

For this, we just have to go to the Settings and activate the new dark theme. The colors of the interface will be reversed. What was white before will now be black, and what was light gray will be dark gray. It is a change that AMOLED screens and users who edit their photo in low light will appreciate.

Snapseed's Dark Theme

Snapseed’s Dark Theme

Snapseed 2.19

Price: Free

If you have not yet received the new Snapseed update through Google Play, you can manually update the application by downloading the version 2.19 APK.

Via: Androidpolice

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