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How to Activate Push Notifications in Instagram Lite

Instagram Lite
Written by Hassan Abbas

The launch of Lite applications is always great news for those who do not have high-end terminals or for people who do not want large apps on their device. Instagram Lite came a few months ago to offer us an experience closer to the original Instagram and not the current version full of features. Of course, along the way, we had lost useful functions such as notifications, although luckily the latest version of Instagram Lite, as well as the web version, already integrates them.

We may end up tired of constant push notifications, but it is a tremendously useful resource that we miss when we do not have it at hand. For that reason, it is a very good news its incorporation as much to Instagram Lite as to the web version of Instagram. Moreover, if you enter Instagram through an Android browser you will notice the appearance of a pop-up screen as you can see in the screenshot before this paragraph.

Instagram Lite

Those who use Instagram Lite also have it very easy to start receiving push notifications. If by some chance you have not yet activated them, you just have to follow a few steps to achieve it:

Step 1: Enter Instagram options by clicking on the icon in the upper left corner.
Step 2: Access the notification screen by clicking on its corresponding section.
Step 3: Enter push notification options when clicking on the first term.

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Within the push notifications screen, we can configure its operation as we wish. We have ten different sections to modify and everything depends on the type of alerts we want to receive. In most cases, we can select if we do not want to receive notifications, if we only want notices from the people we follow or if we prefer to leave a clear path to everyone. These changes will be automatically saved by clicking on an option, so they will be applied in a very simple way.

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