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How to Recover Data without 3rd Party App from Broken Galaxy S10

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Written by Hassan Abbas

Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ are the modern-day smartphones of Samsung S-collection. Since the release of the S10 series in the first region of this yr. It has made a place inside the coronary heart of its customers. Galaxy S10 and S10+ appearance outstanding; it has an adorable sense while you preserve it considering its length. It has an incredible camera, an ideal battery life. All and all, it has the entirety you could ask for. Personally, it stands with the exceptional smartphones of this 12 months. Considering it appears specifications and everything. Being a stock Android user, the most effective issue that doesn’t touch my coronary heart is its working device. Well, in this guide. I will talk about a trick that will help you to recover data from Broken Galaxy S10.

Galaxy S10 Data

If you have damaged your Galaxy S10 or S10+ and you did now not make a backup of your cellphone at the cloud or your PC. It would possibly get tough to get better records from damaged Galaxy S10. First matters first, if your telephone is in operating circumstance and best its display is broken and now not working. There are chances that you can unlock your cellphone the usage of the on-display screen fingerprint reader. Once unlocked, you can connect your smartphone on your computer the use of the statistics cable and retrieve the data. In a case that, your cellphone restarted after it fell and were given damaged. You won’t be able to free up it the use of face free up or fingerprint scanner. You are going to want this guide and trick for that.

Galaxy S10 Data

Unlock and Recover information from Broken Galaxy S10 the use of Samsung Find my Mobile:

So, the trick is to unencumber your Galaxy S10 or S10+ using a carrier of Samsung that helps you to access your Samsung cellphone remotely, and you can perform many operations on it. The provider is known as Samsung Find my Mobile. You need to get admission to your Samsung Account for this provider to work.

Once you free up your phone, you may connect it to the laptop the usage of a Data Cable and recover all of your photographs and movies. You can also get better Whatsapp pics and videos with the aid of copying the Whatsapp folder from the internal garage of your telephone in your laptop.

 Find My Mobile

Note that, this guide is most effective in going to paintings if your cellphone activates. If your telephone is lifeless and it received’t even startup. This manual received’t assist you to recover data from damaged S10. If the display screen of your S10 has long past black, but you may pay attention to it running on the backend. You can use this guide to unencumber your smartphone to recover the records present in it.

Now let us circulate directly to the procedure on the way to get better data from damaged S10:

Galaxy S10 Data

  • First of all, Go to the website of Samsung Find My Mobile.
  • Log in to the usage of your Samsung Account credentials. If you don’t consider your password, you can fast get better it using your related email.
  • Once logged in, you may see the modern-day location of your cellphone on Google Maps.
  • Apart from that, you’ll see several options on the left facet of the display screen.
  • Select Unlock.
  • Once your telephone is unlocked, you can retrieve all of the records present in it through developing a connection among your smartphone and pc the use of an information cable.

If your telephone is unlocked, you could also make a backup of it in your pc using Smart Switch. Just connect your phone on your computer, download and set up Smart transfer. Open Smart switch, and you may see a choice to make a backup of your cellphone.


Before sending it for repair or alternative or guarantee claim. Make certain to delete all the information found in your damaged S10 when you replica it to somewhere safe. So, when it is fixed, nobody can get entry to the information present in it. You can quickly delete all the information gift for your Galaxy S10 with the aid of using the “Erase Data” choice on Samsung Find my Mobile.

How to Retrieve Pictures out of your broken S10?

If you had been the usage of Google Photos as opposed to the default Photo Gallery App of Samsung, you may pass the Google Photos internet site and get entry to all your photos and videos…

Galaxy S10 Data

How to Recover Contacts and Notes out of your dead S10?

To get better of your contacts. Log in to the use of your electronic mail address on Google Contacts. If you made the notes within the app named as Google Keep. It has a yellow icon. You can get entry to your notes on its website. Just log in to the use of your Gmail account. If you have been using the Photos App from Google, you can get admission to all your snapshots on the web model of Google snapshots by going to its website.

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Furthermore, ensure to apply the equal e-mail address that you used to Sign up in your smartphone the first actual time. The identical electronic mail that you use to download apps from the Google Play Store.

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