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Hisense TV Reviews – Android Smart TV

hisense tv reviews
Written by Hassan Abbas

It is really great to know that how good cheap TVs have become. Not so long ago, $ 500 would offer you nothing better than a 40-inch screen also with a list of problems. And also appalling picture quality covered in petroleum jelly. But now it’s really hard to spend more than $ 1,000 if you really have a reason for that, and Hisense’s H8G is a really great example of how far your money can go. It is a very good range from 50 “to 75”, and they all come with built-in Android TV. it is ruined by one decisive factor: video playback from streaming applications can hang and freeze for long periods of time, that is actually not acceptable at all costs. In this article, we are going to talk about Hisense TV Reviews – Android Smart TV. Let’s begin!


Display 50″, 55″, 65″, 75″ 4K (3840×2160) “ULED” Quantum dot LCD, more than 700 nits, up to 90 local dimming zones, Dolby Vision HDR
Sound Dolby Atmos
Software Android TV (9.0 Pie)
Inputs 4 HDMI (1 w/ARC), Ethernet, 2x USB 2.0 Type-A, 1 RF, 1 RCA composite, 1 digital audio output, 1 headphone output.
Misc 4K upscaling, “Motion Rate 240” smoothing, VESA 300×200 mount,
Connectivity Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth (version undefined)
Prices 50″: $400, 55″: $500, 65″: $700, 75″: $1,400.



Price The 75″ model may be expensive, but its of the sizes are very affordable for Android TVs.
Slim It’s very thin, with tiny bezels, and much more likely to fit where you need it.
Picture Gets very bright, relatively even backlighting, supports Dolby Vision HDR, has much of local dimming zones, and also good overall quality.
Android TV built-in Comes with it, also no external box required.
4K Upscaling Won’t compete with Nvidia, but it does look really good.


Limited storage space its USB (2.0) is expandable, 4.4GB available to the user is not enough.
Stutters, lag, and freezes Streaming video would intermittently lock up around once a day, general performance in Android TV is prone to dropped frames and also lag.
Android TV built-in If it ever stops getting updated after the promised three-year period, you will be stuck with the last version it gets — an external box can also be replaced.

hisense tv reviews

Design | Hisense tv reviews

The Quantum H8G android tv has the obvious physical design of a modern TV. The two remarkable physical characteristics are very small frames, almost about 3/8 “up ​​and sides, and legs or stand, which are attached to each side instead of through a plinth in the center. This could affect the type of furniture you can place it on.

As for a TV, the most important element is the screen, and I am actually impressed with the price. It is really amazing to know how good relatively inexpensive TVs have become. The H8G Quantum seems to have decent color (with a lot of options for calibration), good contrast, and it gets too bright. More than 700 nits, according to Hisense. This is handy for Dolby Vision HDR content, which it supports, and that needs additional brightness to operate. However, it did not seem to have the functionality when I received the TV for the first time, an automatic brightness mode is also available in it.

Hardware | Hisense tv reviews

The H8G Quantum offers more than 90 local dimming zones, but it varies. The 75 “and 65” models have the full 90 zones, the 55 “72 zone model and the 50” 32 models. I could not visually tell how much the 65 “model had, but anyways, that seemed sufficient. However, I could still spot the characteristic “halo” effect in many highly contrasted circumstances Watch Netflix Night on Earth Such as it was sometimes noticeable.

I do not like local gradation; not in itself, but because of so many shows make terrible color gradations. HBO, in particular, sometimes avoids real blacks in many of its shows. That makes the occasional transition to full black immediately visible and also boring. If this thing bothers you, then you can turn off local dimming in the Image -> Backlight menu. The backlight is also not perfectly uniform, but I did not find it a problem whether the local dimming was turned on or off.

Hisense also claims that the input and processing latency in Game mode can be as low as 14 ms, or less than a 60 Hz image. I’m not sure that this low, and I do not have the equipment to measure it properly. However, it is more than acceptable, and I also consider myself quite sensitive to input latency.

You are unlikely to use the TV’s built-in speakers, but they are surprisingly good and also loud if they lack clarity. Any decent home theater system will beat them easily. If you are stuck with them because of your setup, however, there is also a wall-mount model that optimizes the sound for this use case. It can also pair directly with a Bluetooth speaker, there are audio delay and lip-sync settings for offset sources, and it also supports Dolby Atmos.

Software | Hisense tv reviews

hisense tv reviews

The Hisense H8G runs on Android TV, and it’s really nice if you do not already know it – much more better than just a big-screen Android.

If you have ever used an Android phone, then it won’t be difficult for you to get used to it. As I mentioned before, the navigation is just similar and you get your apps via the Play Store. Almost every application or service you can think of has an Android TV application, although not all of them are as good as they could be on other platforms. The Criterion Channel app, such as, sometimes has problems loading content and also collections. And can even upset image overlays that do not disappear or move when you scroll. Apps are a breeze: most of the developers care about the platform more than others.

The biggest difference (and perhaps the biggest downside) is the lack of customization if compared to Android on other platforms. You can let the applications you install take over on your launcher, and you can also add, rearrange and uninstall them as you want. You can’t really change the themes or even your background. To do more of this, you need to install a separate launcher – it’s something that you can technically do, but it is all garbage.

performance | Hisense tv reviews

Hisense does not say what SoC powers the H8G, but it sometimes lacks punch. However, I do not think that Android TV is the smoothest experience of the best of days. Even just scrolling via the launcher or YouTube sometimes results in dropped frames. More than once for me, navigating in an application where the system would freeze at random and instantly, followed by all my following orders that lands at the same time. I also encountered more problems with the complete freezing of video in some streaming services just after starting a stream. It was most common in Netflix, but other services were also affected, and it mostly happened after waking it from sleep or wake mode for the first time today. Once or twice, the TV is even fully locked, which needs a restart.

I tried to fix this with Hisense, and even a factory reset did not fix the problem for me, although the company says it has never heard of anyone experiencing this problem before. The company has provided us with the following statement:

“We have not yet received comments on this issue, and we have not been able to reproduce it in our tests of the H8G models, but we are working tirelessly to find the root cause of this instance. If we find something that needs to update it, then will provide us with a live update. “

I should note that we found the same report for the previous model, along with a convoluted fix for a routine for waking up the TV in the middle of the night.

Buy it or Not?

hisense tv reviews

There are many little things about the TV that drove me nuts. Even outside the stuttering and freezing issues I regularly ran into. Once in a while, I find my display picture settings were randomly reset to “vivid” or “energy-saving,” even after globally changing those settings. It also liked to disconnect from (and subsequently refuse to see) my Bluetooth game controller after rebooting it. The super limited storage space is also a problem, and also three years of updates might be normal for most of Android TV devices,

However, it is a bit of a bummer when external replaceable boxes like the Nvidia Shield seem to get updates forever. And, of course, the issue with freezing video during streaming playback is also a deal-breaker for many of you. But if Hisense can fix that specific problem. Then I think the H8G series will be easy to recommend, given the price. Once things are dialed in, the actual TV and also movie watching experience is really great. And the picture you get seriously exceeds what I expected.


Alright, That was all Folks! I hope you like this article and find nit helpful to you. Give us your feedback on it. Also if you guys have further queries related to this article. Then let us know in the comments section below. We will get back to you shortly.

Have a Great Day!

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