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Hide Galaxy S10 Camera Notch – How to?

Hide Galaxy S10 Camera Notch
Written by Hassan Abbas

Hide Galaxy S10 Camera Notch: Like it, Love it or hate it, the Samsung Galaxy S10 has a cutout in its display for the front-facing camera. However, it’s a quite smaller and less obtrusive choice to the older notch. But if it still annoys you to no end, Samsung does provides you a choice for covering it with a digital black bar. Here’s how to activate or enable it.

How to hide the Galaxy S10 camera cutout notch

Follow the steps carefully to hide Galaxy S10 Camera Cutout Notch:

Step 1:

Firstly, Move down from the top of your screen.

Step 2:

Also, click the gear icon at the top right to access your Settings.

Step 3:

Click Display.

Step 4:

Click Full-screen apps.

Step 5:

Also, click the Hide front camera toggle.

With that setting allowed, a black bar will cover the upper part of the screen whenever you’re in a full-screen app to cover the camera cutout. However, the screen will still seem normal when you’re on the home screen. But the black bar will return the 2nd you hop in an app.

Should you really do this?

While we’re happy Samsung makes it quite easy to hide the camera cutout. We’re not satisfied that doing so is worth it. Not just the black bar interrupts the alternative innovative aesthetic of the S10. But also it causes you to lose a decent amount of screen real-estate. Feel free to allow the black bar if you so please, but you might try living with the cutout for a Lil bit before you expel it into the ether.


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