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Heroes Soul Dungeon Shooter for PC- Kill Monsters & Save the World

Heroes Soul Dungeon Shooter for PC
Written by Hassan Abbas

About the Game:

Heroes Soul Dungeon Shooter for PCHeroes Soul Dungeon Shooter for PC. In the darkest age, the world is controlled by monsters, aliens … There is no hope for human qualities. Suddenly, some Heroes with a superpower stood up and fought for the salvation of our souls in order to gain our freedom from the Dark. They are Shooting from the dungeon of heroes.

Join Heroes Soul now. There are many interesting heroes that you can choose. You can also hire them and get them to follow you as your companion, explore an infinite dungeon, many super-class weapons with super-cool effects. Heroes Soul – the best shooter game, which you will find in the mobile store.

New Experience every time:

An Infinite, random dungeon, epic boss. Every time you play, you get a new horny experience. In Heroes Soul, players can choose many super bit heroes and use their superpowers to stop enemies to defeat the boss. Unlocked characters will surprise you.

There are a lot of cool weapons with super effects that are waiting for you to pack up. Combining them with the power of the Hero will make you even stronger. Three equipment slots: melee weapons, ranged weapons and buff-potions for your heroes. A lot of angry, colorful pixels, bit-heroes (and a few friendly ones). Drag your finger across the controls or on the on-screen buttons.

Heroes Soul Dungeon Shooter for PC

Steps to Play Heroes Soul Dungeon Shooter for PC

To Download Heroes Soul Dungeon Shooter for PC. You first need to download and Install Emulator of Your Choice. Here is the List of Top 5 Emulators. or the Bluestacks 3


Download Heroes Soul Dungeon Shooter APK

Play Store:

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