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Helium Backup Apps and Data Without Root

Helium Backup Apps and Data Without Root
Written by Hassan Abbas

What do you know about Helium backup apps and data? Some reason to root your device is to use Titanium Backup or quite the same app to take recovery of apps using app-data, game progress, app settings, etc. However, it doesn’t provide a fix to recover a backup of app-data, and none of the OEMs either.

But, hopefully, there is an app for this, that takes apps and games recovery for you, without needing root access at all, and you just want the PC to set it up.

Yes, we are talking about Helium. Well, it is made by the Koush, who’s popular in the Android blogosphere for his ClockworkMod recovery and some other network. Take a look at Helium Backup Apps and Data:

What do you know about Helium & Helium Backup Apps?

Helium can recover your apps — also it offers you a chance to recover data only, or .APK files too. Also, Helium can maintain a backup on your external and internal SD card or, online to your Dropbox, and Google Drive once you connect it to the service.

It’s very helpful when you are searching to sync your apps or games. Come let’s take a look at it:

Helium Backup Apps – How To Create:


Head over to devices’ Settings » Applications » Development. Then choose the ‘USB debugging’ checkbox. On Android 4.0 and above, do this:

  • Turn On developer options first: Head over to your Settings » About device » move to the bottom and click on “Build number” 7 times to turn on developer options
  • Turn On USB Debugging: Head over to Settings » choose Developer options » Mark the “USB debugging” checkbox (at the bottom Debugging section)

Drivers Installation

Without suitable drivers installed and working, it’s not possible for this beauty is known as Helium to work. So, move to this page for drivers and install them for your device.

Check Drivers

Attach your mobile device to PC. It should display up in My Computer if the drivers are properly installed. Also, this isn’t a very efficient way to check, it’s good.

If you want to confirm that drivers are working perfectly. Then attach your device to your computer and then head over to the device manager on Windows PC. Then, look at the entry, named, either of ADB Interface or Android USB Device. That’s your device. However, if drivers are installed perfectly and are working properly. Then there must not be a small yellow triangle using the exclamation sign on the device’s tab.

If it’s there, then it means drivers were not installed perfectly.

Install or download HELIUM App

Head over to the Play Store listing (here) on either Windows PC or on Android using this link and install the app.

Install or download HELIUM PC Software

Install or download Helium for your desktop from here. Select b/w Windows PC, Mac, or Linux, whatever OS you got. Now, on Windows PC, simply tap the CarbonSetup.msi file to initiate the installation and complete it. Rebegin your PC now.

Turn On Backup Application

It’s a very important part. It includes maintaining a connection b/w the Helium Android app and its Windows PC counterpart. Once done, Application Backup gets turned on, and you can initiate backing up apps.

Step 1:

Head over to the Helium on PC. (It probably be already ON and executing in the background once it’s set to auto-start using Windows when you power on PC.)

Step 2:

The move to the Helium app on your mobile device. Click on Helium’s icon in app drawer. It will ask you to attach to your Google account for online recovery to your account, which is mandatory. Once you cancel it, a prompt appears and says that it’s a no issue. Also, you can take recovery on the device’s USB storage (that is: external or internal SD card).
└   Tip: As backing up Helium using your Google account needs a premium model of the app (costing $4.99), select it only if you plan to purchase a paid model or already have it. Not good alternatively. So, you can avoid it if you want to.
└ That said, it’s quite helpful to have recovery online on your Google account while looking to recovery form one device and backup on another device of yours.
└ In fact, the efficient way there recently is this! (Without root, of course, alternatively Titanium recovery and other apps are cool, too.)

Step 3:

If we talk about rooted devices, Helium search for root access. Also, if it searches one, then it will ask for Superuser permission to have root access. However, once Helium is given with root access, then you don’t need anything more to be done. Simply choose the apps for recovery and initiate to back them up.

Step 4:

Well, a welcome screen will appear. Simply click on OK. Now the app waits for a while.

Step 5:

Now it’s time to attach the Helium Android app to Helium PC software via USB cable. Simply connect, and then just wait a while.

Step 6:

The app and the Helium PC software would start communicating with each other. Also, when the connection has been maintained all fine, then the desktop software will display the mark sign.

└ If the connection isn’t maintained. Simply try the PTP mode, especially for the Nexus line of devices: Nexus 7/ 10/5, etc.

└ If PTP mode failure occurs, then there is surely an issue with drivers. Simply try to re-install the drivers. Just remember to uninstall recent drivers, if any, then reboot and reinstall drivers.

Step 7:

After getting the above on Helium desktop, simply closes the computer software and disconnect the device too. Allow connection with PC isn’t needed for recovery and restoration. Also, only when you Switch Off your mobile device, will you want to connect with Helium desktop software again, not alternatively.

Apps Recovery Via HELIUM Android App

Step 1:

Now, the simplest part, which was very important at all. Just take a backup of apps using their data. Head over to the Helium app on your Android device.

Step 2:

Choose the Apps you like to backup.

Step 3:

You can move up from below (try from that blue line) to view the choices as regards backup. Now, let’s talk about backing up with its .apk file and without the .apk file (app-data only):

  • Only Data Backup: If you like to take recover data only of the apps. Then move up and then keep the checkbox of the choices App Data Only (tiny backups) chosen, that it is by default. In this situation, Helium will ask you to install the app from Play Store and then the app will backup data so that the app/game will be exactly similar at the time of recovery. It’s also good for online recovery when the size is small compare to full backups.
  • Full Backup: While, if you like to take back up both the .apk file and data of apps, Then unmark the checkbox of choice “App Data Only (smaller backups)”. In this situation, both will be backed up without the need to install from the play store. If you have enough storage on your mobile memory, then sure select this option as it provides full recovery and restoration. Also, it’s not good for Online backups and restores as its backup size is massive.
Step 4:

Once you’ve chosen the apps for the backup, click on Backup to initiate recovery up the data of apps, or.APK installation files too. However, it depends on whether you mark or unmark the checkbox discussed above.

Step 5:

Also, the app will ask for more space to be used. Select one.

Step 6:

Well, a black screen appears with storage to input a password. Just avoid it. It will be gone anyway within a few seconds. And recovery progress will display up.

That’s all!


Well, backups are stored in the Carbon folder on the space you select— your internal, external, or any of the online storage compatible.

Sync Backup Of Apps:

But, you want a paid version of the app, such as Helium (Premium), that backs up from online storage. And of course, once purchased, it can be used on any no. of Android devices.

For example, you are playing  Wind-up Knight — on your Nexus 7, and like to continue on your Nexus 4 on anywhere. Let’s have a look

We call Nexus 7 as our first device and Nexus 4 as our 2nd device. And the preferred app/game is Wind-up Knight.

Step 1:

Remember you’ve turned on application backups on both of the devices (such as Nexus 7 and Nexus 4).

Step 2:

Then sign in any of the online storage facilities available such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box are compatible.

Step 3:

Then make a Data Only backup of the apps or games you like to sync. That all, just keep the checkbox of the choice ‘App Data Only (tiny backups)’ chosen so that.APK aren’t recover and the recovery size is small.
└ Important tip: Keep record of which device as the latest data, so that you don’t recover old data with the latest data. For instance: You last played the game on Nexus 7, then take this recovery on the first device (Nexus 7) and then back up it on your 2nd device (Nexus 4). And once done playing on Nexus 4, restore from Nexus 4 and to backup on Nexus 7 or any other device of yours.

Step 4:

Choose your online storage (either of Google Drive, Dropbox, or Box) when the backup arrives on your 1st device (Nexus 7). The backup will be stored here.

Step 5:

Now, on your 2nd device (Nexus 4), where you like to back up the data, or sync the data to, remember you have the Helium android app downloaded and have logged into online storage you select in step 4 above.

Step 6:

Remember you have got the app or the game downloaded on this 2nd device (Nexus 4) of yours so that Helium can back up its data.

Step 7:

Head over to Helium on the 2nd device (Nexus 4), move right to left to move to Restore choice, and choose the online storage (that you chose in step 4).

Step 8:

You restored up apps and games will display up. Choose all apps and games (Wind-up Knight in our instance) of whose data that you like to backup on your 2nd device (Nexus 4).

Step 9:

Click on Restore. This will need a paid model of the app, as I mentioned earlier. And… that’s all. You simply synced data across 2 mobile devices, without Root.

Group Apps:

You can also group apps under Helium so that if you like to take a backup of some particular apps only, you can’t choose them every time.

Step 1:

Head over to the app and choose the apps to be grouped.

Step 2:

Now, move up from blue line.

Step 3:

Type Group name at the bottom of the option: Remember Group of Apps.

Step 4:

Click on Backup.

Step 5:

You will get to the Storage selection screen. But your group created very silently. If you like to really back them up right now, simply click on the storage you like, alternatively, move back using the back key.

Step 6:

View the group you just created prompting at the top under SAVED GROUPS.

Restore Apps:

Step 1:

Head over to your Helium Android app.

Step 2:

Move right to left to move to Restore and Sync tab.

Step 3:

Tap on the storage that you like to want to recover your apps from.

Step 4:

Choose the apps and games you like to restore.
└ If there is a data-only recovery of the app (without its .apk), and that app is recently not installed on your mobile device, then Helium will appear to install it so that it can back up its data.
└ Swipe up from blue line to get choose All and unmark All options.

Step 5:

Click on Restore to initiate the restoration of apps and games.

Step 6:

A black screen will prompt you with space to input a password. Avoid it. It will be gone anyway after few seconds. And backup progress will display up.

That’s all.


So that’s all about “Helium Backup Apps and Data”. If you think that it is helpful then do let us know your suggestions in the comment section below. Are you ready to take Helium Backup Apps and data? Have you found any other alternative that we can’t cover in this article? Comment us below!

Till then! Stay Safe 🥰

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