Hearthstone is Celebrating: the Taverns of Time Gives a Golden Envelope

Written by Hassan Abbas

The 11.2 update of Hearthstone comes with a bag of novelties that will give both old and new players a boost. After the hunting of monsters of Witchwood, Toki serves as starting point for the creation of new Tabernas of the Time that will be available from the 11 of June until the 2 of July. And the best part is that it is not the only novelty of this complete update.

A free golden envelope and new offer pack

The first thing that has caught our attention in the new update is that we will receive a free envelope just by logging in on June 13th at Hearthstone. This envelope has the peculiarity of containing only golden cards, so it can be a good opportunity to shine our decks or get rich Arcane powder.


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In addition, a new pack of envelopes has been included with which we can obtain 10 different envelopes for €7.99. A pack that includes two envelopes of each of these expansions: The Haunted Forest, Kobolds & Catacombs, Knights of the Frozen Throne, Journey to Un’Goro and classics. If you want to make this offer, you have until June 19 at 19:00 CEST.

New event: the Tabernas del Tiempo

The new Hearthstone event has focused on the temporary messes generated by Toki and this theme will impact on several game modes. To begin with, it should be noted that the Arena will have 28 special cards that will bring more variety to the modality: two new ones per class and ten neutrals. We leave you with the letters in question so that you can take a look at them:

Another novelty to highlight this celebration is that the daily missions will give us gold and Arcane dust, so we will have a good opportunity to create those letters we need. Remember that this event will last from June 11 to July 2.

hearthstone tiempo

hearthstone tiempo

More news in the HearthStone 11.2 update

Do not let the view of the celebration of the Tabernas del Tiempo event tarnish you, as the new Hearthstone update patch comes with several new features that must also be highlighted. The most important thing is that the behavior of cards that have different activations has been modified so that they work more intuitively. Here is the complete list of changes.

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