Hag’s Castle – a modern look at the classic dungeon crawler

Hag's Castle
Written by Hassan Abbas

Dungeon Master and Eye of the Beholder are classic games that gave the feeling of a full-fledged role-playing game from the first person before the era of 3D came. They also include the series The Quest, Mazes of Karradash and Quest Lord. Legend of Grimrock and The Deep Paths – something more modern. And the developer Ed Sludden decided to create something average and called his game Hag’s Castle.

Hag's Castle

Hag’s Castle

This project uses high-quality, high-quality 3D-models and there is much freedom of movement in comparison with the classics, but the management and gameplay are a clear respect to the classics.

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You have to go through 25 levels, playing for the “Wizard’s assistant“, and try to save his hand-dragon Olya. The release of the game should take place today.

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