Hackers From Ukraine Arrested for Stealing Data 15 Million Credit Cards

Written by Hassan Abbas

In the case of a loud cyberattack with a Ukrainian track there is progress. Three Ukrainian citizens detained in Europe at the request of the American authorities.

In Europe, Ukrainian hackers were arrested. They are detained at the request of the United States, where they are accused of a massive hacker attack, which resulted in the stealing of confidential data from more than 100 American companies. Among the victims of their actions are the popular chains of restaurants Chili’s, Chipotle and Arby’s.

Hackers From Ukraine

According to the indictment, hackers from Ukraine, known as the Carbanak group, stole data from more than 15 million credit cards. For this purpose, they used not only phishing attacks, but also social engineering. In one case, malicious software was disguised as an e-mail from the FDA’s Food and Nutrition Security Center with an attached list of checks allegedly planned to be conducted in restaurants. The ultimate goal of cybercriminals is the withdrawal of funds from bank accounts through ATMs or online banking.

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It is noted that all three are citizens of Ukraine. One of them was detained in Poland, the other in Spain. And the third – Dmitry Fedorov – was arrested in Germany and had already been handed over to the American authorities. These are not the first arrests on this case. In March, the Spanish police detained somebody Denis K., who is called the head of the hacker group Carbanak.

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