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Gumtree BackPage: Few Alternatives Of BackPage

Gumtree backpage
Written by Lara John


Gumtree backpage

Gumtree Backpage is an excellent platform that is used for posting classified ads. Now, you can also put anything related to electronics. The automobiles, properties, job portals, events, rental houses, etc. A Backpage also became very popular among the local market. So, you could also buy or sell anything. Although, there were are limitations, and from the people that are started looking for Legal Backpage alternatives.

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A Backpage will initially be made for the selling of goods and services. Although, people started listing ads for adult services and also illegal products with the time span. Then it became a business for illegal products. From this, customers are looking for legal alternatives to the Backpage website.

The Best Legal Gumtree Backpage Alternative Websites:

If you are looking for some great and legal Backpage alternatives. Then we have listed some for you right below. Now, Check them out and see which websites work for you the best!

1.) A Craiglist Gumtree Backpage Alternative:

Gumtree BackPage

A Craiglist is also using to be a famous platform for some personal ads. Now, These ads will also include adult ads too. Sadly, this service was also shut down in 2010. Then the website deleted all personal ads. A Craiglist is also not a dating site anymore but still is famous for classified ads. Then you will also get to see helpful links to “Avoid Scams” and “Personal Safety Risks.”

Visit Craiglist Now!

2.) A Facebook Gumtree Backpage Alternative:


This is also one of the most famous social media platforms on the planet is Facebook. In case, if you already have an account on Facebook. So, you can directly navigate to the “Buy and Sell Groups” through the Explore Menu. Then you can also use such groups and you have to start posting your advertisements. In case, if you are looking for a particular product to purchase. So, you can also type in the keyword on the search bar.

Visit Facebook Now!

3.) Locanto Gumtree Backpage Alternative:

Location is also another classified ad website platform. So, that is the perfect choice for looking for a Backpage alternative. Now, The Website was found in Germany. Although, this website is now available in over 65 other countries. So, there are many different categories, such as Real Estate, Jobs, Furniture, Automobile, and Personal advertisements. Now, you can also use this platform on Android and the IOS app.

Visit Locanto Now!

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4.) A Gumtree:

Gumtree BackPage

A Gumtree is also another Backpage alternative that will also let you explore the world of advertisements in the area of Properties and automobiles. Then this website has grown a lot in the past few years. You can now consider this one of the best in the market. You have To post an advertisement on Gumtree, all you need is an account. Although, if you visit the website only to explore the list of products, you can do it without an account.

Visit Gumtree Now!

5.) A Classified Ads:

This is another popular Backpage alternative that is highly used to post personal ads that are also Classified Ads. Now, this website does not only hold features for personal advertisements. This is for some of the other classified categories too.

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Now, the Section on the homepage with the name “Personals” offers different categories. It is just like Casual dating and many more. Then classified ads also include several numbers of steps to post the advertisements. Although, it is not a big issue.

Visit Classified Ads Now!

6.) A LetGo:


So, LetGo is among the platform which is famous for its user interface. Then the smooth and simple UI. along with a great user experience. It will also make them a perfect alternative to Backpage. Then the home page will include a few of the major categories of advertisement. You can also Follow up it up, then you will also get to see a list of a wide variety of products and services.

Visit LetGo Now!

7.) An Oodle:

The Oodle is also a website that is launched in 2004. It is also classified as an aggregator. This will also show some hundred and thousand queries coming from different platforms. So, they will finally launch the personal advertisement section.

Although, they are not like some of the other Backpage alternatives. This is just because most of the results on Oofle are aggregated from different websites. In case, if you are looking for combinations of attributes. This is not available on another website, then you should definitely try Oodle once.

Visit Oodle Now!

8.) A Doublelist:

This is for Another adult personal option that people will also use for a while is Doublelist. Although, the website has mixed responses. You can also be ranging from the unfriendly User Experience to the amazing list of Categories.

Most people are not satisfied with the censorship that is available on the website. It is just because of the Doublelist that takes several steps. You have to ensure that no illegal activities will conduct on the website. From this it has some good features, it is also consider as a new alternative to the Backpage.

Visit Doublelist Now!

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Also, this will bring us to the end of this list. Then we hope you will love these legal Backpage alternatives. Although, these websites are not ideal for selling or buying illegal goods or services. You just have to make sure that you do not post any illegal content on these Backpage alternatives. This is also being said, thank you for reading the article, and have a nice day

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