GTA: San Andreas Came Out on the Xbox One

GTA: San Andreas
Written by Hassan Abbas

Today the company Rockstar reported just a gorgeous news – the cult GTA: San Andreas added to the backward compatibility program Xbox One. This means that if you have a box with a game for Xbox or Xbox 360 somewhere in the back drawer of the table, then you can upload the product to the Xbox One console next Thursday.

In addition, the developers have added to the compatibility program yet Midnight Club: Los Angeles and Table Tennis, but these games, frankly, are of little interest to fans. The opportunity to plunge again into gang warfare and visit familiar locations eclipsed everything else.

GTA: San Andreas

Most fans consider GTA: San Andreas the best game of the whole series. There are good reasons for this – the history of Karl Johnson was shown to us back in 2004, that is, 14 years ago. In this case, the virtual world was already completely open at that time (with the exception of “internal” locations), and the main character could be changed, cut and put on tattoos.

Cars succumbed to tuning, and a set of game mechanics some competitors still cannot copy. And, of course, the plot component was very strong, although the domestic localization greatly spoiled the effect.

GTA: San Andreas

GTA: San Andreas

GTA: San Andreas is on the 15th place in the list of the best-selling game products. Ahead of the cult project are only new parts of GTA and the darkness of the games from Nintendo. If you have a digital version of the product on your account, next Thursday it will be possible to launch the masterpiece of 2004 on the modern Xbox One console.

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If you have a boxed version with a disk, you will need to insert it into the new console and go through the activation procedure. Unfortunately, you can not transfer the save from the original console. But now you will have the opportunity to re-pass this story, moments of letting tear a tear from the feeling of nostalgia.

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