Latest Hands-On Google’s Pixelbook Go having MacBook Air-Style

Written by Hassan Abbas

Google not long ago uncovered the Pixelbook Go, another premium Chromebook that is like a MacBook Air or a MacBook Pro, however Chrome OS. In our most recent video, we went hands-on with the Pixelbook Go to perceive how it measures up to Apple ‌MacBook Air‌ (the two have comparative value focuses) and whether it can fill in like a ‌MacBook Air‌ substitution.

Pixelbook Go

Structure insightful, the Pixelbook Go looks fairly like a MacBook highlighting a lightweight suspension, an enormous track pad, a 13-inch show with thin side bezels and a thicker top/base bezel, a console with speakers grilles at each side, and a comparable pivot instrument.


A G logos at the top and a wavy, rough finished feel at the base separate it from the ‌MacBook Air‌. Like Apple’s MacBooks, the Pixelbook Go offers a straightforward, clean plan.



Valuing on the Pixelbook Go begins at $649 for a Core M3 processor and 64GB of capacity, yet we tried the overhauled Core i5 model with 8GB RAM and 128GB of capacity, which is evaluated at $849. That is the model most like the passage level ‌MacBook Air‌, which accompanies a 1.6GHz Core i5 processor, 128GB of capacity, and 8GB RAM for $1,100.

The Pixelbook Go is less expensive than the ‌MacBook Air‌. However, there are a few regions where it is certainly ailing in the examination. With regards to the presentation, for instance, it’s sufficient, yet the HD quality simply doesn’t make the grade regarding the ‌MacBook Air‌’s Retina show. There is an updated form of the Pixelbook Go with a 4K show, however that machine is estimated at $1,400.


One territory where the Pixelbook Go sparkles is its console. The console doesn’t appear to be excessively unique from a MacBook console. However it’s overly peaceful gratitude to Google’s Hush Keys include, fulfilling to type on, and has the ideal measure of key travel. There are additionally custom keys, including a key for initiating Google Assistant. There are speakers situated on each side of the console, and the sound quality is strong. The speakers are a touch stronger than the ‌MacBook Air‌’s speakers at most extreme volume, yet the ‌MacBook Air‌ wins out with regards to sound quality.


There’s a MacBook Air-style trackpad on the Pixelbook Go, however, MacBook contenders frequently experience considerable difficulties imitating the vibe of Apple’s trackpad, and the Pixelbook Go is no exemption. There’s a physical trackpad button that feels inconvenient and obsolete contrasted with Apple’s Haptic Trackpad.

Battery life

The Pixelbook Go offers as long as 12 hours of battery life, which is a similar case that Apple makes about the ‌MacBook Air‌. By and by, we see around five to eight hours of battery life from the ‌MacBook Air‌ relying upon use, and the Pixelbook Go has been hitting around eight hours.

USB-C ports

There are two USB-C ports on Pixelbook Go (one on each side) alongside a 3.5mm earphone jack, which is a similar general port arrangement the ‌MacBook Air‌ offers, however, the ‌MacBook Air‌ bolsters Thunderbolt 3.

Operating system

What truly sets the Pixelbook Go separated from the ‌MacBook Air‌ is the working framework. While the ‌MacBook Air‌ runs the full form of macOS, the Pixelbook Go utilizations Chrome OS. Chrome OS is a Linux-based OS that supports Chrome applications and some Android titles. However, it is when all is said in done more constrained in scope than macOS.

Chrome OS

Chrome OS is intended for ordinary errands like perusing the

  • web
  • making reports
  • taking notes
  • sending messages

as opposed to progressively particular undertakings like a photograph and video altering. In fact, the vast majority who purchase something like a passage level ‌MacBook Air‌ are presumably principally utilizing it for similar purposes, however, you do have more adaptability with macOS.

The choice to download Android applications has made Chrome OS progressively helpful through the span of the most recent quite a long while, and there are, for instance, applications for a photograph and video altering, however we wouldn’t prescribe them for normal full-time utilization.

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With everything taken into account, for a great many people. The move up to the ‌MacBook Air‌ over the Pixelbook Go might merit the value differential. Given the better screen quality and the choice to utilize macOS. However, it’s still a lot of less expensive than the ‌MacBook Air‌ with regards to the passage level $649 choice. The Pixelbook Go is one of Google’s most delightful Chromebooks regarding the plan, equipment. Moreover, the total Google involvement. So it is likely the better decision for the individuals who lean toward a Google biological system.

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