Google+ will be closed due to a serious data breach

Written by Hassan Abbas

Due to information leakage on the social network Google+, the data of many users were declassified. According to the authoritative publisher Wall Street Journal, the last three years on the social network Google+ have seen a serious software failure, which gave external developers access to personal information of a huge number of users. A small unit of Project Strobe helped detect the vulnerability.

Sundar Pichai, the general director of Google, was informed about the leak, but he supported the decision to keep the problem quiet so as not to attract the attention of regulators and not to spoil the company’s reputation. Now that the situation has opened, Google has to hastily make excuses. The company notes that the unauthorized access to information about users of social networks had 438 applications. However, it is reported that there is no evidence of the use of the data obtained.


At the moment, the vulnerability has been fixed and Google has announced serious measures to ensure the security of user information. The company will restrict the access of external developers to user data in their other services. Moreover, as reported by a number of sources, The outcome of the situation will be the complete closure of the social network Google+ over the next 10 months. However, from the very beginning, the project was perceived on the network as one of the largest failures of the “corporation of good”.

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Probably in the near future, we are waiting for news about a number of lawsuits in the direction of Google from the affected users, whose full names, dates of birth, places of residence and other data leaked the network.

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