Google Tests a New Interface for Finding Pictures on a PC

Google Image Search
Written by Hassan Abbas

The new design of image search borrows the concept of design Google Image Search on mobile platforms.

In October last year, Google slightly changed the image search interface on mobile platforms. Six months later, the company began testing similar changes in the web version of its search engine with a new gallery and image viewer.

Google Image Search

Google Image Search

Approximately three months ago, some users began to notice that the results of the search output on the pictures look completely different. More precisely, the preview has changed dramatically and began to resemble the mobile interface. Clicking on the image resulted in a pop-up window with a picture on the right, some information on the left and similar results at the bottom of the screen. In the same window, there were arrows for navigation and a shortcut menu in the form of ellipsis, as on mobile platforms.

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As the resource 9to5Google notes, now the new web-based search interface is still being finalized. The preview mode has since received minor changes. The viewer now uses all the space on the screen. On the left is the selected image, along with information and action elements, and on the right is a grid with thumbnails, which by the way became much larger. The thumbnail of the open image among the other pictures is highlighted in blue, each of them displays a URL.

Android Twitter

Android Twitter

It appears that this update of the Google Image Search service is being prepared as part of Google’s complex transition to Material Design 2, but it’s not yet known when the new interface will be available to a wide audience.

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