Google supports cutouts in the display, but there should be no more than two

Cutout Display
Written by Hassan Abbas

July 30, 2018, Google published in the official blog for developers on Android recommendations for creating applications with optimization for smartphones and tablets with cut-outs in displays.

Cutout Display

In other words, the “good corporation” supports the tendency of masking the front sensors in the “bun”. However, the company banned the use of more than two notices in the devices – otherwise, the gadget will not receive Google Play certification and will lose all the corporate services of the American corporation (including the application store and YouTube).

With the release of Android P, Google introduced in the mobile operating system native support for cutouts in displays. With the advent of new APIs, application developers can skillfully adjust games and programs to “bangs”, fully controlling the display of content. In the new recommendations, the “good corporation” described in which cases it is better to stretch the picture to the full screen (flowing from both sides), and when this should not be done.

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In addition, Google came up with a new rule for manufacturers: cuts are allowed only on the top and bottom edges of the displays, and on each side should be no more than one cutout. In simple terms, companies can only equip smartphones and tablets with cutouts for the front sensors (at the top of the screen) and the Home button or the fingerprint scanner (at the bottom of the display).

Cutout Display

This limitation is rather theoretical because at the moment there are smartphones with only one notch in the display. In addition, it is unlikely that someone will decide to install in the mobile device on the sides – it’s absolutely meaningless.

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