Google Showed an Example of Music Players for Android

Universal Android Music Player
Written by Hassan Abbas

UAMP is an example for developers in how to create Android applications for all types of devices.

Google has applications that show developers examples of how to implement various functions of the operating system. One of the most popular is the Universal Android Music Player (UAMP). This is the so-called reference application, the main task of which is to show how it works on devices of all form factors in the Android ecosystem. However, since UAMP was first released in March 2015, the development of Android has moved far ahead: the experimental player ExoPlayer has improved, new components of architecture have appeared, and Kotlin has become the official language for Android. Therefore, Google decided to rewrite UAMP from scratch.

Universal Android Music Player

UAMP v2 was written on Kotlin, and the user interface is based on ViewModels and LiveData. The application still uses MediaStyle and MediaSessionCompat notifications, but the latter was simplified by using the media session extension for ExoPlayer.

There were some functions left that were not integrated into the new version of the application. These include the Android TV interface with the Leanback library and remote playback via Google Cast. In the future, the Google development team plans to add features such as offline playback, improved integration with Android Auto and Jetpack navigation components for the user interface.

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The project has the open source code and is available on GitHub. In the same place, developers can report all found errors and note what features they want to see in the application in the future.

Source: Github

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