Google Released an Application for Podcasts and Soon Deleted it

Google Podcasts
Written by Hassan Abbas

Google, without any announcements, published a program for podcasts in the company’s application store ( this link ), but soon deleted it. Some users managed to use the application and even save screenshots with the description, so the features of the temporarily deleted program remained unknown.

Google Podcasts

Google Podcasts

In the official description, it was said that at the moment in Google Podcasts collected more than 2 million podcasts. Its feature is smart recommendations, based on the study of user preferences. In all other respects, the new program from Google does not differ much from analogs. It allows you to do everything that you can do in alternative applications: listen to podcasts, cache them on your device, subscribe to channels and the like.

Google Podcasts
Price: Free

Like most other “good corporation” creations, the new program has integration with other Google services. For example, “Podcasts” work closely with a proprietary voice assistant: the user can ask Google Assistant to include a podcast on the smart Google Home column, which he did not have time to listen on the device. In this case, playback will begin at the point where the user interrupted listening to the podcast.

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Google Podcasts was available for 47 countries and, most likely, Russia was one of them. It remains to wait when the “corporation of good” will re-release a new application.

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