Google programmatically rounds the corners of the screen in Pixel 3

Google Pixel 3
Written by Hassan Abbas

To interface in Pixel 3 even more consistent with the canons of Design Material Design 2, Google programmatically rounded the corners of the screen. The attentive user of the Reddit portal under the nickname landoooo noticed that when you turn on the Pixel 3 smartphone, the corners of its display are rounded, slightly reducing the area of the active screen. The display with a new rounding of corners remains so until the device is turned off. This is hardly a bug – most likely, Google has implemented the function of changing the active screen area in the smartphone software.

The animation above clearly shows how when turning on Pixel 3 the already rounded corners of its screen are rounded even more. Numerous commentators in the relevant topic on Reddit confirmed that they also noticed this in Pixel 3 (after reading the post). This feature of the flagship from Google was checked even in the authoritative edition of The Verge and subsequently became convinced of it (the animation is available below).

Google Pixel 3

Judging by the comments, there is no such thing on Pixel 3 XL, but the owners of last year’s Pixel 2 XL also noticed a software rounding off of corners in the display of their smartphones.

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Most likely, Google introduced software rounding corners in Pixel 3 in order to further match the operating system to the new Material Design 2 style, the main characteristic of which is the maximum roundness of all objects. Apparently, the “corporation of good” did not work out initially to install a display with the corners of the desired roundness into the smartphone.

Via: Reddit

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