Google Play will Remove Applications for the Production of Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency Apps
Written by Hassan Abbas

At Google, it was decided that it’s time to clear your application store of malicious content. It turned out not very filigree.

Google regularly updates the rules for publishing apps on Google Play. Each time, the requirements for developers are becoming increasingly severe. At this time, several categories came under the ban, so thousands of games and programs would be removed from the virtual store. For example, you will no longer be able to publish applications targeted at a children’s audience, if you can find content for adults there. Although, the creators of programs that promise to naive users unbelievable earnings through all sorts of speculation in the network will suffer most of all.

Cryptocurrency Apps

Cryptocurrency Apps

Under the ban all programs for extracting crypto-currency have got. There is a lot of similar content for Android – smartphone owners are offered to earn on the device’s power, although most often the process ends with fraud or identity theft. Now developers will no longer be able to publish applications for “miners” on Google Play, although we strongly doubt that this will somehow affect the popularity of programs of this kind. Nobody does not bother to find the utility file on the official website of the developer or on profile resources. Applications for trading binary options are also officially on the black list. How now to quickly become a millionaire?

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In addition, Google has blocked some categories of content that have long been removed. Henceforth, it is impossible to publish programs that provide the user with the opportunity to order weapons or distribute instructions for the manufacture of explosives. Also added here are all online casinos and products that advertise gambling. Not without export of services – this kind of “good” in Google Play was previously in bulk, now they promise to actively fight the evil. However, even on this in the “Corporation of Good” decided not to stop.

The new rules for publishing indicate that developers are not allowed to send apps and games to Google Play with the same content and similar user interface. This paragraph is described rather vaguely, and some bona fide developers have already suffered from the innovation. Application creators quite often produce two versions of their product – a basic set of functions and Pro. It is logical that both versions have the same interface, but this does not prevent the new Google policy from blocking them. Probably, either the company will soon finalize the mechanism, or developers will stop issuing paid versions and will completely switch to built-in purchases.

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