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How To Earn And Use Google Play Points?

Written by Hassan Abbas

Do you want to earn Google play points? Google introduced a new Rewards program for users. Now, you will get some points depends on how much you spend on the Play Store. It is not limited to only apps. You will get a reward for Movies, Books..etc. When you have enough points, you can save them when you buy the products within the Play Store. Sign Up is totally free for all users.

Google Play provides users lots of songs, books, TV shows, movies and much more. People of all age groups would like to have access to this online library. But Google has few limits that don’t allow youngsters to access the well-known Google Wallet. If perhaps you cannot buy gift cards now, we have Google Play Points for you. These Google Play Points give you access to a whole new digital experience, nothing prevents you!

What Are Google Play Points?

This is the new Google Play Points with which you will receive a credit to buy whatever you want. Google has been giving us the option to earn some money for a few years through Play Rewards surveys, but today it takes that idea to a new level.

The company has launched Google Play Points in Japan and some other countries. A new rewards system that we can activate to receive points when we buy from the Google app store. It is the same as other point programs.

If you shop at the Google Play Store, you’ll get Google Play Points. Shopping on the Google Play Store includes buying paid apps, buying digital content such as music, movies, and e-books, and charging for games.

Google Play credits redeemed for points are valid for one year. You can also use it to charge for certain games directly without converting to Google Play credit.

How To Join And Activate Google Play Points?

This service is only operational in Japan, Korea, and the USA. So we do not know when it will arrive in European and other countries. So, when you got the program in your country,  then how did you activate it?

How to active Google Points:

  • Go to the Google Play Store side menu (where it has the symbol of the three horizontal stripes)
  • Select the Join option
  • Once we have joined, we will have more options.

How to use Google Points:

To use Google Play Points, you need an Android smartphone, Google account and Google Play app. Currently, Registration is not possible from a PC or the Web. To register, select “Play Points” from the Google Play Store app menu on your Android smartphone and click Register.

How To Earn Points?

You are not only limited to apps to earn points. For you to truly earn points, you need to buy items within the app. And here they include:

  • Apps and paid games
  • Shopping within apps and games
  • Subscriptions to games or apps
  • Buy books.
  • Music Purchase
  • Buy movies.

You can earn points in a different way. The idea of ​​Google is to be able to encourage us to try new things in exchange for giving us some points.

Features And Limits

Make sure that Google Play points serve to reach certain levels, which we will aid us in having more advantages. These points expire once the year passes so that the standard will be maintained during that time. But then it will be recalculated based on those obtained the previous year.

Level Rewards

Depending on the level we obtain, we will have more or fewer points for purchases. Also, there is a chance to earn more points in weekly and monthly events. These are:

Bronze Level

1 point for every $1 spent

  • You can earn Additional 4x Points in Games events Weekly
  • 2x Points, When you rented Movies and Books in the Monthly Events

Silver Level

1.1 points for every $1 spent

  • You can earn extra 4x Points in Games events Weekly
  • 3x Points, When you rented Movies and Books in the Monthly Events
  • Weekly Prize Upto 50 pts

Gold Level

1.2 points for every $1 spent

  • You can earn extra 4x Points in Games events Weekly
  • 4x Points, When you rented Movies and Books in the Monthly Events
  • Weekly Prize Upto 200 pts

Platinum level

1.4 points for every $1 spent

  • Earn extra 4x Points in Games events Weekly
  • 5x Points, When you rented Movies and Books in the Monthly Events
  • Weekly Prize Upto 500 pts
  • You will also get Premium Agents Support from Google

The Rank Goes Up As You Accumulate Points

When you can earn 1 point for $1 shopping at Bronze rank. As you earn points, your position will increase with gold, silver, platinum, and diamonds, and you will get higher scores and benefits. By the way, when you get to the diamond rank, you can even get 2 points for $1 shopping, and the grant rate is very high.

Many have never seen Points. Google Play Points cannot be used without registering.

How To Use The Points?

We could decide to employ our Google Play points in two ways out there. On the one hand, we can make purchases within the application or game that we want and on the other hand, we can convert them into Google Play credit that allows us to buy anything in the store. Currently, there are no correct measurements to calculate points to price. It depends on your level also. You can Refer here When Google announced the details further.

And again, it’s important to mention that these Google Play Points could only be employed for a year after obtaining them, so if you do not take advantage of them, we will lose them.

Google Play Points launched in Japan, Korea and the United States of America. For now, these are the only countries where the service can be used. However, we know that there are expansion plans for the rest of the world, but for now, we do not know when it will arrive in Africa and Europe.


As mentioned earlier, once you sign up for the Google Play Points program, you will be rewarded with points after purchasing applications or games, making in-app purchases. That is, buy items within the applications as well as games, which take part in Google Play program, buy books, music, movies and subscribe to apps and also games. What are your thoughts about this new Google Program? Do Do you think it can help you to purchase more products? Let us know in the comment section below!

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