Google Play no longer skips apps without Android 8.0 support

Google Play
Written by Hassan Abbas

This innovation is designed to strengthen the security of user data of owners of current devices on Android.

In December 2017, the “good corporation” changed the rules for publishing applications on Google Play, according to which from the second half of 2018, all games and programs published in the store should use the latest API to support Android 8.0 Oreo. Now, in August 2018, this innovation came into force.

Google Play

According to the “corporation of goodness”, mandatory use of fresh APIs is necessary for security reasons: if earlier cybercriminals could access confidential user data through Android applications with little or no knowledge of them, then with the new API, people themselves must grant programs permission to perform certain actions (access to the gallery, reading contacts, sending SMS).

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In November 2018, developers will not be able to release updates for applications already published on Google Play, if they do not use the latest API. Since the second half of 2019, developers will have to release versions of applications for both 32-bit and 64-bit processors.

All of the above innovations relate only to games and programs published on Google Play. Developers can still distribute their creations based on older versions of the API outside the application store from Google.

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