Google no longer hides the shadowing of users

Written by Hassan Abbas

Previously, the search giant kept the history of geolocation without the user’s knowledge. Now the rules of the game decided to change a lot. The International News Agency The Associated Press on August 13 published the results of its investigation of Google ‘s shadowing of its users. The authors of the article gave quite strong evidence that Android developers are monitoring the location of smartphone owners and recording their travel route. This happens even if you are banned from setting up to monitor your geolocation, that is, without the user’s knowledge. The news caused a wave of negativity from fans of this operating system, which at the moment is more than two billion people.

Even on the help page about Android settings, it’s indicated that if you turn off the geolocation function, your data will no longer be stored. In fact, the information was sent to Google servers for further use in order to improve the services and products of the company. This was quickly stated by the search giant’s staff, who guarantee that third parties can not access your travel history. But law enforcement agencies, probably, can easily trace the journey of every third person on our planet.


There are many scenarios in which Google uses the user’s location to improve the performance of various services. We store the history of movement, activity on the Internet and applications. In addition, we always provide a clear description of the functions and tools for managing the stored information. You can always turn off data storage at any time, – a message from a Google representative.

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In order to calm the public, the employees of the corporation even changed the description on the help page about storing the history of the user’s location. Now there is no line that when the geolocation is turned off, the operating system stops writing data to the server. But the description clearly states that Google can obtain information about the user from services like Maps or Weather. From now on, the owners of smartphones on the Android operating system will not be deceived, because they are directly told about the surveillance through geolocation services. What is your attitude to the fact that the Corporation of Good knows about your walks and any movements?

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