Google Launches its Advanced Protection Program on iOS

Google Advanced Protection on iOS
Written by Hassan Abbas

The internet giant wants to help its users protect their computers. That is why, through an official statement, Google announced that its Advanced Protection Program that was only available to protect the data of users in Gmail, Calendar, and Drive, will now be extended and will be compatible with the native applications of Mail, Calendar, and iOS Contacts.

Following this announcement, iOS users can enroll in the program without having to adjust the way they use Google services on their Apple devices. One of the main objectives of Google Advanced Protection is to protect users from accidentally sharing their confidential data with fraudulent apps or web services.

Google Advanced Protection on iOS

The Benefits of Advanced Protection

So far, iOS users who signed up for the program could only access their Google accounts through the official apps of that company. Now with this update, you can choose which native iOS applications on the iPhone can access your data in Gmail, Calendar or Contacts.

Our goal is to make sure that any user who faces a risk of online attacks enrolls in the Advanced Protection Program (…) Today, we have made it easier for our iOS users to be in the program, and We will continue our work to make the program more easily accessible to users around the world, ” said Darío Salice, Google’s product manager for these services.

To be part of the Advanced Protection program, users must register through this link and during the registration process, they will see the steps that must be followed so that native iOS applications of the iPhone they choose can access their Google accounts. The only requirement to access the program is to enter using the Chrome browser.

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