Google is Still Interested in the Cloud Gaming and Console on Android

google cloud gaming
Written by Hassan Abbas

Editor of the popular foreign portal Kotaku said, citing sources, that Google is really interested in developing a streaming gaming platform and an Android-based console for competition with Xbox and PlayStation. For the first time rumors about this appeared in February 2018.

A streaming gaming platform is a service that broadcasts games from its servers. In other words, all calculations are performed on remote computers, so users can run demanding games even on the weakest devices (the main thing is to have a stable and fast Internet connection). At the moment, one of the most large-scale platforms of cloud gaming is PlayStation Now and GeForce Now.

google cloud gaming

If you believe the rumors, streaming service from Google will work on a proprietary mobile console running Android. There is no information about it, so it remains to be seen how the “good corporation” hopes to realize what was conceived.

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By leaks, Google is developing a cloud-based gaming platform and console within the project called Yeti for more than two years – apparently, the “good corporation” has repeatedly changed its plans and is preparing something really grandiose.

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