Google introduces DRM-protection for APK-files

Google Play Store
Written by Hassan Abbas

Google is actively working to remove malicious apps from the Play Store, but the platform remains vulnerable. Quite often in the network, there is news about the next “Trojans” that steal users’ correspondence, copy bank card data or even earn a cryptocurrency in the background. Most often, these kinds of viruses are published under the guise of games or programs. The user installs another runner with attractive graphics, and inside it is already waiting for the malicious code. Most of this kind of “trickery” is downloaded to third-party sites or torrents.

Google Play Store

Google Play Store

Google employees came up with an interesting way to protect users with devices on the Android operating system, which can really reduce the damage from viruses to a minimum. The mechanism is a version of DRM-protection, which is used in computer games and programs. In the APK-file will add some meta-data, allowing your device to determine from which source the content was received. If the application is downloaded from the Play Store, or from another authorized resource, your smartphone or tablet will allow installation. It is worth noting that authentication occurs even without connecting to the network, in the offline mode.

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The authors of this idea believe that the new protection system will be very useful in areas where users do not always have a stable Internet connection or access to Google services. Often in such locations, programs and games are downloaded from third-party resources, when there is no confidence in the reliability of the APK-file. Now DRM-protection will allow without fear to receive any applications on your smartphone or tablet because meta-data allows you to immediately determine the “authenticity” of content. On the other hand, the technology can be used for other purposes.

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In the computer games market, DRM protection is used to verify the authenticity of the product you purchased. That is, the developer thus protects himself from piracy, forcibly updates the game version to a more recent one, monitors some of the gamer’s actions. Probably, in the future developers of mobile games and programs will be able to engage in similar manipulations. How much this will prevent Android fans from downloading paid content for free will be known very soon when the virus protection mechanism starts full-scale work. It’s too early to panic.

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