Google introduced a hardware key for site authorization

Written by Hassan Abbas

Within the framework of the conference Next, Google announced its new product called Titan Security Key. This is a physical security key, made in the form of a USB flash drive (USB) or a key fob (Bluetooth), which is currently used by Google cloud service customers and will soon become available to all comers.

Titan Security Key is designed for authentication and connects to any device that has USB or Bluetooth. The key also contains special software developed by Google for authentication. The company noted that this way gives users confidence that their accounts are securely protected and will be safe.

The Titan Security Key

The Titan Security Key

The key is compatible with the FIDO (Fast Identification Online) security standard, which is supported by many applications and browsers. Accordingly, the device can be used for authorization not only in Google services but also on other sites.

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The Titan Security Key provides a higher level of protection than a two-step verification code, which can be intercepted by an attacker. Users who wish to use the key must always prohibit any other authorization methods. In this case, you will not be able to enter your account, for example, on Gmail or YouTube without a key.

Earlier this week, the company reported that all Google employees switched to using hardware tokens in early 2017. During this time, there was not a single case of theft of these accounts. As reported by CNET, Titan Security Key will be available by the end of summer for $20 and $25 for a variant of a USB and Bluetooth key, respectively. Version with support for two options for connectivity will cost $50.


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