German Student Invented a Pillow of Safety for Smartphones

Pillow of Safety
Written by Hassan Abbas

A student from the University of Alain, near Stuttgart (Germany), invented a so-called smartphone airbag – a unique case called ADcase, which protects the mobile device during falls.

The problem that the new invention is designed to solve is well known to many smartphone users. Probably, all owners of these gadgets repeatedly dropped them on the floor. And every smartphone must check for yourself the effect of gravity. But only the consequences are sometimes deplorable. Philippe Frenzel personally faced with a similar problem, thus breaking the screen of his iPhone. After that, he thought about creating a protective cover.

Pillow of Safety

Pillow of Safety

The operating principle of the boot resembles the airbag in cars. Inside, he has special sensors that respond to the free fall of the smartphone. As you know, it is equal to 9.81 m/s². At the moment when the sensors are activated, eight metal springs are activated, which prevent the device from colliding with the ground. All components of the case are made on a 3D printer. Its thickness is 4.9 mm, it is suitable for all models of the iPhone since the sixth generation.

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Philippe Frenzel plans to launch a fundraising company for his invention at the Kickstarter Crowdfunding Ground as early as next month.

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