Gemini Photos for iOS Has Returned

If you do not know Gemini II for macOS you are missing a very great application, this tool eliminates duplicates of files and photographs in an incredible way. For what? Obviously, to get more free storage space on our devices. With that idea in mind, today comes Gemini Photos for iOS, an app with which to easily get rid of all those duplicate photographs of the iPhone or iPad.

I tend to be careful with the photographs I take with my iPhone, but with a product that allows you to capture bursts and with enough space … it is inevitable to make four or five photographs of the same “to choose then the good one”. In the end, it passes us and they stay there in the Fototeca, occupying space on our iPhone or iPad.

Gemini Photos for iOS

A few days ago I installed Gemini Photos on my iPhone and decided to scan my Photo Library, I was hoping to find some duplicates and a few screenshots that I forgot to delete. After a few moments of analysis, Gemini Photos showed me the results, I had almost 3,000 unnecessary photographs in my Fototeca. Specifically 2,889 photographs, 2,889 photographs that possibly never would have removed on their own.

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How Gemini Photos works and what it offers for iOS

Gemini Photos is a new application in the App Store that inherits the idea of Gemini II for macOS. Due to the limitations of iOS (at the moment) it is only able to analyze and find duplicates in the Fototeca. The tool analyzes our photos and then shows us the duplicates, blurry or moving images, screenshots and photographs to documents or text.

Gemini Photos for iOS

From there, it offers us the option to delete them directly or selecting which ones to delete. A process that seeks to be faster and more comfortable than manually deleting photos one by one from the Photos app. Find and classify the images into four categories:

  • Duplicates or similar: Very similar images that can be found thanks to the app’s own algorithm.
  • Blurred photos: When we take a picture and move the subject or the camera itself, or when the picture is out of focus.
    Screenshots: We always do them to show something temporary, after which they become unnecessary, so the app allows us to eliminate them.
  • Photographs to text documents: like captures, we usually take a photograph of a document, text, ticket … for a specific action, after which it is usually irrelevant.

If for some strange reason you are also interested, you can delete all the photographs in the Photo Library with a few simple steps. It is something that you can also do from the Photos app, but it will take you more time to select everything. In any case, to avoid accidentally deleting all images, we will be asked to confirm by Touch ID or Face ID.

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There is an indirect consequence of all this and is that because the photos are synchronized by iCloud, all the changes we make for example on the iPhone will be reflected on the iPad or the Mac. That is, Gemini Photos somehow or another frees your space on the iPhone, iPad or Mac۔

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