Gears of War will hit Android … with Funko Pop

Gears of War
Written by Hassan Abbas

It seems that there is no great company present in E3 that does not want to fatten its launch pad with titles for Android. It seems that the strategy is to move consecrated sagas to the platform as evidenced by the recent announcements of mobile deliveries of The Elder Scrolls and Command & Conquer.

Microsoft now does the same in its conference announcing Gears POP! for iOS and Android. Of course, the tachycardic moments that preceded the announcement of Gears of War V were terrible if this announcement comes to be the only reference to the saga for the upcoming releases. Either you love Funko POP or you hate them with all the essence of your being.

Gears of War

Gears of War

There are no in-game content of the game, although we already know that it will be a third-person action game with models of the famous saga characters, which will also serve to wrap the next two strong releases of the saga: the aforementioned Gears V and Gears Tactics, a strategy game that will hit Xbox and consoles.

The game is being developed by the British Mediatonic Games, who have previously collaborated with Microsoft in the Fable Fortune collectible card game, and have also launched some gems before like Heavenstrike Rivals for Square Enix or that madness of dating simulator with Pigeons called Hatoful Boyfriend. Better not go deeper because this post can go to the gutter.

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