Game Dependence is Officially Recognized as a Disease

Written by Hassan Abbas

Today we can observe a unique historical event – the World Health Organization stated that “frustration from video games” is now the official term. This disease is compared with the abuse of psychotropic substances. In more simple terms, the hardcore gamers actually put on one level with drug addicts. And, I repeat, it’s not a joke.

WHO claims to be “frustrated with video games” as a new state of human mental health. Disease and symptoms will be included in the International Classification of Diseases on Monday.

It is this edition that is the final list of all diseases, disorders, injuries and other conditions of human health. The international classification of diseases is used by doctors and scientists around the world to establish a diagnosis and treatment procedure. In addition, insurance companies use a list of diseases to pay for insurance claims.



First, the game dependence in a person completely blocks the rest of the activity, assigning them to the background. This behavior can not be called normal. Secondly, the patient completely loses control over his actions and actions. Even if the games harm his health, both physical and moral, there is no action to stop this process, “said Vladimir Poznyak, WHO official.

However, there is also a third reason, which is even more significant than the previous two. A person with a game addiction completely closes in his conditional world. He repels the society as such, there is a noticeable decline in terms of personal and family life, significantly deteriorating indicators in the educational environment or professional activity. WHO clarifies that the disease has a number of symptoms and a detailed description so that every second gamer will not be considered sick.

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In the world there are millions of gamers who enjoy video games, but do not qualify as suffering from game addiction. The overall “popularity” of the disorder is very low, “Poznyak said.

At the moment, not all specialists have supported the use of this term. Psychologists from around the world claim that many people on the contrary use games as a way to heal from moral trauma and oppression. And how do you treat this disease?

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