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Gacha Studio For PC, Windows & Mac- Free Download

Gacha Studio For PC, Windows & Mac- Free Download
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If you look like a fashionista and like to play games that focus on fashion, it’s worth downloading Gacha Studio. Lunime’s game is a cute anime style title that allows you to design and redesign a variety of adorable anime characters. So, if you like to assemble elegant sets, it is worth experimenting with Gacha Studio.

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Gacha Studio Features and Gameplay:

1. Choose from more than 100 different backgrounds.

  • It is worth navigating through all the fun backgrounds using the features of Gacha Studio to create the perfect scene for the chosen anime characters.
  • Popular examples of this are a beach, a picturesque park and a battlefield.
  • Since Gacha Studio has 100 unique backgrounds, you can also create a fun story that you can share with your friends using a series of images with different backgrounds.

2. Use studio mode to create your own anime comic.

  • If you’re interested in creating your own anime comic, you’ll love playing in studio mode, which allows you to customize your character’s poses.
  • Also, create unique text bubbles for each of your characters. To create an exciting story.

3. Customize each of your characters with hundreds of different elements.

  • Once you have selected a character, you can customize it by changing the hairstyle, hair color, eye shape, eye color and also mouth shape of your character.
  • Therefore, you will have no difficulty creating a character that looks like your doppelganger or your favorite star or anime.

4. Collect hundreds of rare pets.

  • While dressing your characters is the main focus of Gacha Studio, as a subplot you can also collect more than 100 adorable pets that you can train to fight on a battlefield.
  • There are also currently three different combat modes to choose from: Automatic mode, Skill mode and Element mode.

5. Offline game.

  • If you are tired of downloading free games that require an Internet connection, you will love the fact that you do not need the Internet to play Gacha Studio once you have completely downloaded it.

6. World leaderboard.

  • If you have a competitive run and want to see how you are doing in the international fields, you may be interested in how high you can be in the international classification of Gacha Studio.
  • The result is also achieved based on the favorite performances of your characters on the battlefield and how popular your character looks.

7. Chat function.

  • Another feature that you will love is the chat function of Gacha Studio, which allows you to talk with your friends in real-time while designing new looks and fighting on the playing field.
  • Also as an added benefit, you can also make new friends with international Gacha Studio fans.

8. Periodic update.

Finally, Gacha Studio is updated regularly, which means that there is never a shortage of clothes, hairstyles, pets or weapons.

If you love fashion and anime and you have the idea of ​​playing Gacha Studio – Anime Dress Up, it’s worth downloading the game for free!

Download and install the Gacha Studio application on a PC with Nox App Player:

In our previous discussion, we already said that Gacha Studio is an Android application, but we want to run it on a PC. It’s possible? Yes, the following discussion highlights all the tricks with which the application works on PC devices. In fact, nothing seems to be more fun than playing Android applications on PC devices with a wider screen and faster loading speed.

Android emulators are useful when we want to run Android applications on the PC. In our discussion, we will see Nox App Player as our Android emulator. The application is downloaded and installed for Windows and Mac PCs as described below.

Install the Android emulator on the PC:

As mentioned earlier, the first step is to have an Android emulator on your PC. To do this, go to the official Nox App Player website, search for the latest version and download it. When the download is complete, configure the emulator by opening the downloaded file (downloads are the most likely location where you can find these files on your PC). You can find it, open it and install it by clicking on the Install now button. Now you have the emulator on your device that can convert Android applications into running PC applications. Continue downloading and installing Gacha Studio.

Download the Gacha Studio application from Google Play Store:

Open the emulator on your device and enter Gacha Studio in the search bar. A drop-down list of results appears. Select the desired Gacha Studio application and click on it to begin the download process. You will be asked to sign in to your Google account. Log in with your login information, your email address and your password. If you don’t have a Google account yet, click on the “Register” button to create a new account. Registration does not require much from you. Simply follow the instructions on the screen and enter your information when prompted. As soon as you successfully log in to your Google account, the download process will begin automatically from Google Play Store.

Install the Gacha Studio application on the Android emulator:

The download process of the application takes a few minutes, but it depends on the specifications of your device and the Internet connection. Once the download process is complete, the final step is the installation. Which is also simple as like any other PC application installation. To complete this task, carefully follow the on-screen instructions and finally choose the location of this application on your PC. Now that you have Gacha Studio on your device, the next thing you should do is open it and start using its functions.


Our tutorial highlighted the steps in a very natural way. If you follow them correctly, you will end up on your PC with the Gacha Studio application. Our article is all in a masterpiece and you don’t have to worry if you want to use a different emulator. The steps remain the same, just visit the official website of that particular emulator and then continue with our guide.

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