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When is Gacha Club Coming Out on iOS

gacha club
Written by Kelly Houstan

Gacha Club is a new game via Lunime that permits you in order to create your squad and dress them up however you may want. The game provides you the ability to select from a lot of items including the likes of dresses, shirts, hairstyles, weapons, pants, and much more. This permits you in order to create your characters from your squad and play the game however your heart desires as well. In this article, we are going to talk about When is Gacha Club Coming Out on iOS. Let’s begin!

What is this Gacha Club game?

The game is produced via Lunime. A company that makes games in order to play offline based on anime characters. Because of its launch, the folks across other platforms, and where they have access to it, are all going crazy about it. Along with some of the superb graphics and attractive user interface, and it is a real cringe-worthy title to play. The game is also a total freedom land for the players. Here the users can select from thousands of dresses, shirts, hairstyles, weapons, and much more to proceed via the gameplay.

When you dress your characters you can enter the Studio and create any scene you guys can imagine. Such as add pets, objects, and select your favorite background. Or customize it any way you guys want all of it for free without even having to pay for in-app purchases and subscriptions as well.

Just spend your time customizing the characters at least 10 main and ninety extra ones. Wage battles and gacha, or also head to the option of the mini-games within the app. it is going to be all fun and you guys are going to forget about other applications whenever it comes to your iPhone or IPad as well.

Is the game available on iPhone?

No, the game has just been officially released for Google Play Store and also the iOS release is still in the pipeline as well. Lunime says that the release is going to happen soon and also they plan to release their Windows 10 version on 10th July actually. So the iOS version should also arrive in the next few weeks too.

This is just an educated guess, and there is no official word on the iOS release yet. Some of the users on the official website also mention the first week of August like the release time for the iOS version of the Gacha Club. This too should be taken along with a grain of salt, however, you can rest assured that the iOS version is in the works and should see the light of day anytime now actually.

How to get Gacha Club without even an Android device

If you do not have an Android device, and then you will need a PC to play the game. Although the PC release is also not out yet and you can install the Android version via an Android emulator such as Bluestacks. Install Bluestacks on your system and set up your account via following the on-screen instructions. When Bluestacks is running on your system, then download and install Gacha Club to your Bluestacks emulator. And you should see the Gacha Club icon right on your home screen as well. Simply open the game and start playing the game!

Gacha Club has also been released only for Android for now. The game is also available on Play Store and you can access it via this link. This means that in case you guys can get hold of an Android device you can get to playing Gacha Club right away. This includes Android tablets, Android smartphones, and also even Chromebooks. Chromebook users can simply visit the Play Store link above and then tap on ‘Install’ to get started.

Gacha Club for Windows users

Unlike any other mobile game release, Lunime plans to release a Windows version for Gacha Club as well. This will permit desktop users to join in on the fun, create their own OC characters as well as clubs. However, the Windows version has not been released yet. According to official reports, Lunime plans in order to release the Windows version on 10th July 2020 that will be in the coming weeks.

However, in case you are not ready to wait for that long, then here is a nifty trick that will permit you to enjoy Gacha Club on your desktop right away. The way you do this is via installing an Android emulator on your system which will then permit you in order to run the Play Store version of Gacha Club right on your desktop.

Is there any hope for iOS users?

There is, there is, you guys shouldn’t lose hope just yet. Users on Twitter are already missing the game on iOS and many are actually waiting for its release eagerly. Lunime has also confirmed that they plan to release the game soon after the initial rollout goes without even hitches and bugs. Just like the Windows version will be releasing on the 10th of July, we also suspect the iOS version to be out in the coming weeks as well. A really good reason for this delay could be Apple’s stringent policies. In order to get an app on the App Store. Lunime probably doesn’t really want bugs and exploits getting via the screening process that could end up being counterproductive.

If any exploits do end up getting through, not only could it jeopardize user data, however, also get them removed from the App Store. To prevent any such thing from happening, we actually suspect that the devs at Lunime are just making sure that the game is near perfect for iOS users whenever it is released. If you guys want to indulge in rumors then you’d like to know that a lot of users that have been beta testing the game for a while now. They are expecting an August release for the iOS version as well.

What can you do until Gacha Club is out on iOS?

There are a lot of ways you can follow along with your friends at Gacha Club. Some of them have been mentioned below, have a look.

gacha club

  • You guys can follow the game on Reddit and see other players’ progress in order to keep up with the latest happenings. However, this also brings the risk of getting spoilers so make sure to look out for the ‘Spoiler’ tag in Reddit’s posts as well.
  • You guys can check out reviews on the Play Store in order to get the initial impression of the game. This will also help you in order to identify any preliminary bugs that might plague the Gacha Club.
  • Lastly, you have to install Bluestacks on your Windows PC. This will permit you to run the Android version of the Gacha Club on your PC that should help you hang on till the game is released on iOS.

Some well-known features of Gacha Club that you should know about

  • 10 main customizable characters
  • 90 extra side characters
  • Interchangeable colors
  • 600 different character poses as well
  • Customizable pet animals
  • Support for transferring and exchange of characters
  • Dedicated Studio Mode in order to create your own content
  • Over 150 pet animals to select from
  • In-built mini-games
  • Exclusively no in-app purchases


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