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Funny Among Us Names You will Love

Funny Among Us
Written by Kelly Houstan

Whenever it comes to Among Us, deceit and psychological tricks can actually make or break a crew more than the imposter’s sabotage itself actually. Most of the time, even the username can also become a misdirection in order to cause some amount of confusion as well as apprehension (especially for beginners who have no clue what to expect). Just read this article to know all about Funny Among Us Names You will Love. Let’s begin!

Of course, as one dives deeper into the game and then becomes familiar along with the simple tricks. The username ends up being something fun as well as amusing to give us the giggles. Without any further ado, let’s just explore funny Among Us usernames that everyone will love.

Funny Among Us Names You will Love

Deceptive Among Us Names

We love usernames that sound really innocent, however, can be used to throw many other players off their game. Like when you guys call yourself a Crewmate in order to hide your imposter tendencies or project yourself as a Bot in a random game to throw others off a bit. Also, just try one of these deceptive usernames in your next game of Among Us.

  • Crewmate5
  • Anonymous
  • Bot2
  • IamInJail
  • FakeUser
  • testing_24/7
  • U_sus
  • ThotBot
  • DontKillMe
  • Trust Me
  • Skip
  • AmongRejects
  • Innocent
  • IVoted
  • YellowHater
  • RedFriend
  • Who
  • YourFriend
  • LoyalFriend
  • BlankSpace (Just simply copy the character “ㅤ” from here and then use it as your username)

Character Names

Well, we cannot possibly ignore our favorite characters and fandoms whenever we’re suggesting usernames. Just go ahead and then pick one from this list as well as create your own.

  • MrsDoubtfire
  • MichaelScott
  • TheTerminator
  • KakashiSensei
  • UnderTaker
  • WalterWhite
  • Bill Gates
  • PewD
  • Chandler
  • DeathVader
  • Dr. Watson
  • doncorleone
  • JakePeralta
  • ThePretender
  • LukesFather
  • TheDevil
  • Lo-Key
  • HungryHannibal
  • SmoothCriminal
  • Sherlock
  • DonaldTrump
  • SkyWalker
  • MrRobot
  • KingSlayer
  • IceQueen
  • MrInternational
  • NotADoctor

Funny in context

Just feel like throwing some shade at another player in your group? Or maybe also some nice wordplay as well. These usernames will also make a lot of sense in Among Us terms. Like whenever Your Ex was ejected or your wife is not an imposter as well. The trick is just to think of how your username will fit into a sentence and you guys can make one of the following options your own.

  • YourEx
  • YoMama
  • YourWife
  • IWasNot
  • YouSillyFool
  • HeySuckerI
  • RuAmongUs
  • TheDoctor
  • Forgive Me I
  • Oh No I
  • everyone
  • Why r u running
  • DoTaskWin
  • KillVentWho
  • Idk who
  • ThisOne
  • NoOne
  • Someone
  • DearFoolI
  • President
  • Wait its you
  • a crewmate
  • The Last of Sus
  • Not me hehe
  • I told u I
  • Isawyouvented
  • Air
  • Mr. Tasks

Random Names

You guys can also find a username on this list to just help you guys get by. We also have options that range specifically from Among Us to some others that we hope will tickle your fancy as well. Just do check them out also.

  • PolusProtector
  • PricklyVoter
  • TheSkeldor
  • DeadAmongUs
  • AlienCutiePie
  • InBetween
  • headhunter
  • Reddidit
  • Saboteur
  • SpaceWalker
  • DogLover
  • AntiVax
  • RIPImposter
  • CrewCheeks
  • Sanitizer
  • SpaceRuler
  • spacemonk
  • Tronald Dump
  • Shawty
  • Simp

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Basic Funny Names

Keeping it simple is also super effective. You guys can take one of these basic usernames that we’ve derived from pop culture as well as quippy lines from our favorite shows and then just make it your own!

  • ImposterHere
  • TheChosen1
  • SuperSus
  • BadKarmaKiller
  • Impasta
  • WowSuchEmpty
  • nametaken
  • WhyMe
  • BreadPitt
  • Toast
  • OkBoomer
  • PompousInPolus
  • HowYouDoin
  • WhereAmI
  • anonymouse
  • Clueless
  • FurReal
  • SloppyKiller


Well, That is all from my side. If you also want to know more about this article or have any queries. Then feel free to ask me anything in the comments section below.

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