Fuchsia OS, the next Google operating system will be compatible with Android applications

Fuchsia OS
Written by Hassan Abbas

Fuchsia OSAn important feature of the upcoming Google operating system that the company has been working on “secretly” for two years comes to light. Fuchsia OS will be compatible with Android applications and games.

This information comes directly from the Android source code. A proposed change to be revised speaks of Fuchsia supporting the Android Runtime. This means next Fuchsia operating system (based on the Zircon Kernel ) will use the same application execution environment as Android to be compatible with Google Play applications and games.

This is news that many took for granted since Google could not launch a new operating system to the market and start from scratch, without applications and games, which makes all the sense that Fuchsia is compatible with Google applications and games Play. So the manufacturers and users will not be charged anything to migrate from the operating system.

This was already done by Google with Chrome OS, which also added native support to Android applications so that users can install more than one million applications and games on their laptops and computers through Google Play.

It is unknown when Google officially announced Fuchsia, it could still be several years of development. This new operating system is not based on Linux, but in a new modular microkernel created from scratch by Google called Zircon, but we already know that Android Runtime will be compatible.

The most important feature of Fuchsia is that it will be a modular operating system so that, through the addition of components, it can be adapted to work on small IoT, wearables, mobile devices, laptops or televisions. Google would work in a single operating system adaptable to any device, not like now, which has Chrome OS for large screen devices and keyboard, Android for small touchscreen devices, Wear OS for watches, Android TV for televisions and Android Things for the IoT.

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