Front And Center Classic windows

Front And Center Classic windows
Written by Hassan Abbas

Front And Center Classic windows: Technological advancements nonetheless, I have always felt that modern macOS software should take a signal from classic window layering policy in Mac OS and Mac OS X.

Front and Center is an essential new Mac app by John Siracusa and Lee Fyock that you’ll marvel how you could have lived without all these years.

John Siracusa, saying in his blog:

In classic Mac OS, when you tap on a window that belongs to an application that’s not currently active. All the windows belong to that application come to the front. In Mac OS X and macOS, only the window that you tapped comes to the front.

I’ve so used to macOS’s window layering policy that I haven’t given the earlier behavior much thought. But now when I think of it, I prefer bringing all of the app’s windows to the foreground when tapping a single window.

Sadly, macOS Catalina’s absence of support for 32-bit apps finally destroys the last of the apps that implemented this feature. I was alone in a cold, barren world where I had to tap on a Dock icon to switch to an app and bring all its windows to the front.

Enter Front and Center:

Front and Center is a minor app—so minor that I was afraid no one accept it for its limited functionality. But when running, literally it is used hundreds of times a day. And I found it so useful that I was ready to help bring it into existence myself.

The app works exactly as it can be customized to your liking.

For instance, you can temporarily quash classic window layering behavior by putting the app in Modern mode. Once you put in this mode only the tapped window comes to the front. In either mode, Shift-click on a window to get the opposite of the chosen behavior.

Siracusa explains:

My specific style of window management bends heavily on classic behavior. I also appreciate the Mac OS X behavior in some of the circumstances. So I was happy to find apps that allow both behaviors, using shift-click to override the default.

If you’re the one who loves interleaved windows in macOS, then this app may not be for you. But if you need all the windows of a single app to come to the front, you’re recommended to give Front and Center a try.

Front and Center is $3 in the Mac App Store.


Here is all about Front And Center Classic windows. For further queries and questions let us know in the comment section below!

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