Best Free iOS Emulators for PC You should Know

Free iOS Emulators
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The demand for iPhone emulators from PC users is now growing more and more as well. The aim is basically to use the computer as if it were a real iPhone actually. These emulators are specifically requested via the developers of applications for iOS systems and permit them to work comfortably from the computer. And to do all the important runs and tests as well. The iOS emulators for Windows and Mac permit you in order to use all applications that are on the Apple Store actually. Regardless of if your device runs on Windows or Mac as well. Just read this article to know all about Best Free iOS Emulators for PC You should Know. Let’s begin!

However, an iPhone emulator for PC/Mac could also be useful for those who really want to record what appears on the screen of the iOS device or share it along with others. You guys may have an iPhone or iPad and want to use the same applications you use on the devices on a larger screen as well. Or, perhaps, you guys do not have Apple devices and you want to use applications available on the Apple Store actually. These are just some of the many reasons why you might have to use an iOS simulator for PC.

What is an Emulator? | Free iOS Emulators

An emulator is a software that enables one computer system to behave just like another computer system. In order to run iPhone Apps on Windows, the emulator behaves like an iOS system. That can be installed on Windows and the Apps from Store are installed on the emulator as well. So, without much delay let us start the list of the top best iOS emulators for Windows as well.

Best Free iOS Emulators for PC You should Know


  • The application basically works as an Android and iOS debugger for Windows.
  • Cross-platform development as well
  •  Pretty Clean App and is much recommended for app development and testing too.

This is an exclusive app for developers actually. The Smartface houses some of the most powerful features in order to test your App. Smartface generally caters to professional App developers as well. Smartface makes it easy in order to develop for iOS and Android on Windows along with a new perspective to develop applications on Cross-Platform technologies. You can also test the App on different screen resolutions.

Download – Smartface


  • Clean and clear interface giving a feel such as iPad
  • Needs low power for running
  • Can play games and other Apps without any clutter
  • Native App store to download millions of Apps.

iPadian is one of the most famous emulators. The App has a very clean interface that looks really just like an iPad. Just install the iPadian and get started along with Apps. The iPadian is not a complete emulator, however, simulates the iOS interface on PC. You guys cannot run all the Store Apps on the iPadian. However, the emulator itself has a native App store that has a number of Apps to choose from. The App needs Adobe Air on your PC for its working because it is developed on that platform.

Download – iPadian

Air iPhone 

  • Just a really simple installation setup.
  • You can run on Adobe Air.
  • Runs all basic features to provide you a complete feel of the iPhone.

Air iPhone runs on the very famous Adobe Air Framework. If you are familiar along with Adobe Air Framework, then you guys may know that Adobe Air is really impressive. The Air iPhone also creates a virtual screen on your PC that resembles the iPhone Screen. Installing the Air iPhone is pretty simple, just download the Air iPhone and install it along with Adobe Air, done. You can also work with this without even any issues.

Download – Air iPhone

iPhone Simulator 

  • Power Application for gaming.
  • High-quality graphics as well.
  • The UI is similar to iPhone

It is basically a plain iPhone simulator to run iPhone Games and Apps on a laptop PC. The app mainly focuses on running the games. Hence, you can expect the simulator to be good on graphics. Although the App lacks some useful features. If you guys want to have it just for gaming and then I recommend going for it without any second thought.

Download – iPhone Simulator


  • A really powerful Emulator that renders a smooth and more realistic experience.
  • The emulator is very powerful and it runs most of the Apps fairly smoothly.
  • It a much recommended for developers in order to test the App using various resolutions and platforms.

This is also another iOS emulator that can also help developers test their applications on cross platforms as well. It also permits you in order to play on your computer. Without even a hitch and create cross-platform applications in minutes. The only disadvantage is that it is not really intuitive to use and the free demo version lasts only 15 days actually.

Download – MobiOneStudio

The best iPhone emulators for Mac

  • It is a completely free service
  • Easy setup along with simplicity in use.
  • You can play games or test Apps.

Well, this is by far one of the best emulators I have loved the most. The few reasons that actually made me love this application are hassle-free installation, free services, and ease to use among many others actually. The focuses more on simplicity, you guys just have to sync your App bundle along with the Application and you are good to go. You can use this app for testing cross-platform apps or to just play any iPhone exclusive games actually.

Download –

  • Lightweight emulator along with the capacity in order to check the App working.
  • Users can also develop cross-platform apps over the cloud.
  • It supports all Windows variants

Free iOS Emulators

Appetize is actually the best iOS emulator for App testing and development purpose. It is basically a freemium-based service along with limited time for free usage. The Appetize does not give an IDE for app development, you have to have a simulator build of your app ready to upload as well. The emulator is widely used to test the Apps because of its features and ease of usage.

Download –

Xamarin Testflight

  • The Xamarin will only run the Apps compatible along with iOS 8.0 and above
  • Official App from Apple as well
  • Best suited in order to test your App supports iOS 8.0 and many above.

The Xamarin TestFlight is basically an official emulator in order to test the Apps on Windows. That is owned via Apple. The application is not easy in order to use on the first go, however, if you work around it for some time you guys for sure will fall in love with it actually. The emulator is best suited for professional App developers, however, is not limited to. Since any conventional App developers can give it a try.

Download – Xamarin Testflight


Well, That is all from my side. If you want to know more about this “Free iOS Emulators’ article or have any queries. Then feel free to ask me anything in the comments section below.

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