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Free Download Meow Match 0.4.4 Apk for Android

Meow Match 0.4.4 Apk
Written by Hassan Abbas

Meow Match 0.4.4 Apk – a colorful puzzle with cute seals in the genre three in a row. Together with the main hero of the game, you have to go on an exciting journey, where you will find colorful locations, dozens of interesting levels, as well as funny seals. Last, by the way, you need to return home, otherwise, they will not be able to find their own way and get lost.

Seals love to eat fish, therefore as a game currency, it will be goldfish. To collect it you need to successfully perform tasks on levels, for example, to collect a specified number of multi-colored elements, changing them with the help of svaypov. The mechanics, and the general gameplay, completely repeat the well-known “three in a row”, nothing new, unfortunately.

Meow Match 0.4.4 Apk

Meow Match 0.4.4 Apk

Before kittens can return home, the player has to restore a dilapidated courtyard, and for this, you will need to perform a variety of tasks. In most cases, you have to collect a goldfish, and for this you need to swap neighboring elements, getting rows of three or more identical in color tiles. The game was not without pleasant bonuses, which can be paid, and free. The first ones are replenished with coins, while others can be obtained for compiling a series of 5 or more chips.

Pros & Cons:

+ Colorful graphics
+ Cute seals
+ One finger control
+ Several dozen levels with interesting missions

Meow Match 0.4.4 Apk

Meow Match 0.4.4 Apk

What You Need:

Download: Meow Match 0.4.4 Apk

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Download & Install Meow Match Apk

You can download this Meow Match 0.4.4 Apk from the link below. And after that, there is a tutorial on how you can install this mod on your device. Afterall, just installing the Apk won’t do any good, you need to do it in a proper way.

Step 1: Download the Apk file, copy it anywhere on your Android device.

Step 2: Install the Apk file and after the installation, disable your internet connection.

Step 3: Open the game and wait till it loads completely.

Step 4: Come back and start playing the game.

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