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Latest best free chore iPhone apps for families and kids

Written by Hassan Abbas

Doing chores isn’t a fun task at any age. But for children, it may sense like a punishment. So, if there’s a manner to make it a touch greater a laugh for them to complete their chores, then why no longer give it a try. With an app on the iPhone app, maintaining an app of chores and profitable them for his or her paintings is a fab manner to encourage your infant.

To help you out, we’ve compiled this listing of the nice free iPhone chore apps for youngsters and households.

Free iPhone apps in your circle of relatives

  • S’moresUp
  • Homey
  • our home

S’moresUp iPhone app

S’moresUp is a nifty app that now not handiest looks cute however gives heaps of capabilities for organizing and assigning chores. Create chores and assign them, view development for your family, and personalize rewards for all and sundry.

iPhone app

S’moresUp excellent capabilities:

  • Create habitual chores and add reminders to your infant.
  • View chore progress through the week, the day, or for the complete family.
  • Set up rewards, deliver awards and bonuses, and create financial savings desires.
  • Use the in-app calendar for own family events, appointments, and playdates.

Once you install your family and individuals, relaxation is easy. S’moresUp is a stellar chore app that offers tons of extras for dealing with your household.

Availability: iPhone and Android
Cost: Free


Homey is some other exceptional chore app for every person in your home. Set up your own jobs and obligations or test out premade chore packs. View development reports, include an allowance to your toddler and chat with your own family members in the app.

iPhone app

Homey super functions:

  • Create routine chores or one-time jobs in your circle of relatives members.
  • View chore development via the week, day, or character.
  • Manage your baby’s allowance and set up financial savings jars for monetary goals.
  • Enjoy the in-app chat feature to speak whilst you’re no longer at home.

For gaining knowledge of obligations and handling money, Homey is an excellent app to your circle of relatives. Plus, you may check out the premium features which you connect a financial institution account in your toddler’s allowance and create more than one financial savings jars.

  • Availability: iPhone and Android
  • Cost: Free 

Our home

One very last app on our listing for chores is our home. OurHome lets you create chores and obligations, reward hard work, and maintain every person stimulated, multi function spot. You’ll also enjoy a few little extras with the app for dealing with your household.

iPhone app

Our home exceptional capabilities:

  • Create habitual chores with reminders on your own family.
  • View chore progress and sports through the individual.
  • Set up a pointing device for custom-designed rewards.
  • Use the in-app calendar for events and built-in grocery list for own family purchasing.

You’ll just like the fundamental and bonus functions that come with our home. The app syncs with more than one gadgets lets you percentage along with your own family effortlessly and presents an outstanding motivational tool for buying chores executed.

  • Availability: iPhone and Android
  • Cost: Free


Any of the loose chore apps is a stable desire in your circle of relatives. They every carry something a little more or exclusive that the others don’t. Give them a try and see which one you and your home team like great!

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