France Adopted a Law That Completely Prohibits Smartphones in Schools

France imposed a total ban
Written by Hassan Abbas

Now students at schools and colleges will not be able to use mobile devices while they are in the school.

According to the recently adopted law, students in France are prohibited from using mobile devices in schools and colleges. This issue, which was originally envisaged in the electoral campaign of President Emmanuel Macron, began to be discussed at a public level, when young people began to get involved in smartphones and other gadgets.

France imposed a total ban

Earlier this year, France imposed a total ban on the use of smartphones in cars, so this practice did not come as a surprise to students. It turns out that smartphones in schools are banned in this country since 2010. However, until this time, the law was directly related to the educational process, that is before and after the lessons, as well as on the use of gadgets allowed. New requirements completely exclude mobile devices in educational institutions, although schools are allowed to make certain exceptions.

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For the adoption of the bill voted 62 deputies and senators, and only 1 was against. The opposition refused to vote. Supporters of such innovations fear that excessive use of smartphones and in particular the Internet can lead to addiction in children, sleep disorders and other problems. The Minister of Education of France believes that mobile devices are definitely technological progress, but they should not “monopolize our life”.

It remains to note that today about 90% of teenagers in France at the age of 12 to 17 years have smartphones. In many other countries in Europe, about the same statistics, so these measures can be taken and there.

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