FRAG Pro Shooter – the Original Mix of Clash Royale and the Online Shooter

FRAG Pro Shooter
Written by Hassan Abbas

Despite the dominance of games in the genre of the royal battle, some developers continue to experiment and invent something new … almost new. Studio Oh Bibi (former employees of Gameloft, and at this point should not stop reading) create a project called FRAG, which will combine what the mobile players are so fond of with what is so popular on the PC.

FRAG Pro Shooter

This is a mix of the Clash Royale style game where you direct your characters to destroy the opponent’s structure, and the most common shooter (and, again, combining the view from the first and third person). Despite the fact that you send several characters at once, the game always takes place in one-on-one mode. The rest of your characters are controlled by bots, and you can switch between them at any time. Similarly, when the character dies, you will not have to wait, you can just continue to play for a new hero.

The developers were not too lazy and made as many as 40 unique characters, each of which still need to be pumped. Right now the game is in beta test mode, you can take part in it.


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