Fortnite’s Tournament is finally announced!

Fortnite's Tournament is finally announced!
Written by Hassan Abbas

Developed by Epic Games and featured as the most played game in survival mode, Fortnite keeps sweeping the whole world with its wind. With Battle Royale mode, Fortnitee, which conquers the hearts of players all over the world, continues to be played by a very large audience in our country. Epic Games announced last week that it will pay $100 million for an esport platform, announced that Fortnitee World Cup will start next year.

In addition, Epic Games has announced all over the world will support events and tournaments. Companies that organize events and tournaments not only stated that it is open to all Fortnite players to professional players. To be held in 2018 Fortnitee to every player who wants to can participate in the World Cup qualifiers and if successful will also be able to compete for the grand prize.

Fortnite's Tournament is finally announced!

Fortnite’s Tournament is finally announced!

Epic Games will focus on dual and single challenges in the World Cup. Epic Games wants Turnuvan to be open to all players, said he will not reserve any clothing or organization for any fee. Along with this measure, the World Cup will be open to all players. In order to win the tournament, nothing will be sought except game play. Players who want to fight in teams will also be offered frequent events throughout the year. The idea of the Fortnite World Cup has not been explained yet. Epic Games will share the fixture with the players in the coming days.

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